Ashurst Beacon

No crafting at all today beyond doing a bit more to the teapot tapestry as the pink background wool arrived on Saturday. We went to Ashurst Beacon in Lancashire. Such a beautiful place. It reminds me of Shotover back home in Oxfordshire.

Me and the hounds on the top of the hill. I love the way the clouds are echoing the pattern in the grass.
A ruined windmill with son in a red jumper I made. (I think noew the weather has changed a few of my jumpers will make guest appearances- especially the arans in winter).
One of 3 pond areas we came across on our wanderings.
I think these are Marsh Orchids- would love to know if anyone knows properly. They ranged from the white/pink to a medium pink.

Got secret crafting for a friend tomorrow. Back to tapestry for now.

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