Nice Matters Award and Mutinous Thoughts

Thank you so much for this award Bettsi. I’ll make time to look at oodles of blogs and pass it on to 5 desering bloggers. I’ll also take pics of my latest craftings too, but as the sun is shining for once, I ought to paint the back fence.

It’s been chaotic here with son starting 2ndary school (high school?) and having his 12th birthday on the same day, and me trying to get the house back to normal now both the children are back at school. Huge uphill battle as what I really want to do is finish a Candice Bahouth tapestry teapot, stitch a bit more of “Ice Windows”- a hand patchwork and my long term project, knit a quick hat boots and mitts to go with the latest coat for Bailey and find my Bloglog Book with my To Do List in so I know what I should be doing instead of what I WANT to be doing. Am I rambling? I am sooo not a morning person to the point of I tell myself what to do the night before. I’m happier to sit up until the early hours of the morning finishing off a project than getting up early to do the same.

I feel I want to rebel this afternoon and sit in the sun with a full English afternoon tea in my white wicker chair, and a project in my lap. I just know my conscience will bite me though and I’ll end up doing the fence. There are times when being a grown up really sucks. LOL

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