How Di Do Dat: Pic Frames

Photo Frame
you will need:
PVA glue and brush,
paper scissors for card,
fabric scissors,
fabric for frame,
backing fabric
needle and thread for hand sewing,
sewing machine for backing fabric and optional “prop,”
optional hanging loop of ribbon/cord,
optional wadding to pad front frame.

1. Cut cardboard into front frame shape, backing piece, and optional “prop” for the rear if the photo frame isn’t to hang on a wall. Cut optional wadding slightly smaller than front frame and lightly glue in place (not pictured).
2. Cut front fabric slightly larger than front frame, snip close to inner corners, dab extra glue in outer corners after folding in (like on Christmas present wrapping)

3. While front is drying, cut doubled backing fabric and optional “prop” slightly larger than cardboard allowing for the thickness of your card, so the fit will be snug when the 2 are sewn right sides together.
4. On sewing machine use running stitch for 3 of the sides. Trim seams, clip corners turn to right sides out and slip over the cardboard through the open 4th side.

5. Hand sew the 4th side closed on both backing piece and “prop”. Sew prop to rear so the frame is at the angle you like.

6. Tack optional hanging loop to backing piece. (Not pictured).

7. Hand sew backing piece to front frame on 3 sides. Make sure the optional loop is caught in the stitching for added strength. The open 4th side is for a photo to slide in.

(The open side).
I used a rectangle to show the technique, but you can use many shapes. My Bee one was a honeycomb shape. You can also use up scraps by patchworking a frame like I did in the Triple frame (30th August) and the Anniversary frame (15th July). You can also make a plain frame then embellish it like I did with Sally’s birthday one and Angel’s angel frame (13th August). Just use your imagination to come up with something unique and stunning.

Tip: if your card has a design on which shows through pale fabric, then use emulsion (wall) paint in a pale colour and leave to dry before making the frame as above.

I hope that’s clear- I’m bushwacked- Son’s birthday so just finished party and haven’t cleared up yet. More coffee needed. 🙂 Did find a reference to telling bees your news on a superstition web site:

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