Bad Blogger catch up

I’ve been very naughty and not been adding my latest craft attempts to the blog. So here’s a catch up. My only excuse is that I have a cut off Mother In Law from hell who is stalking us. I have trouble sleeping after she has bothered us -my body goes into mega alert mode.
We are trying to put her behind us. 15 years of her sabataging every event in our lives right from our wedding onwards is enough.

Now for the good stuff:

This huge parcel of goodies arrived from a good friend. So much vintage stuff- I was over the moon! Odles of cotton reels, a crewel kit, fabric, beads, jewellery, pins, crochet hooks, lace, bias binding etc. Huge thanks as I know she reads this.
This is the Candace Bahouth teapot I mentioned. It will be the top of a seat cushion for my fav comfy white lloyd loom chair. The poor chair has had 15 years of battery so needs a make-over. This will be part of it. The background is the pink with forget me nots and yellow detail like near the handle. I think when it is done I will think of my roses in the garden, cream teas, and all that is good about the English summer (def not all the rain) even in winter. I’m using Appletons’ wools. I ran out of the off white (881) and had to get it off the net as no shops sell Appletons near here. Since taking the photo the spout and lid are finished as the wool arrived.
Bailey’s new coat and hat in thee same pattern as the peppercorn set. For any knitters it’s made in 1/1 moss stitch, stocking stitch and 1/1 rib at the waist. This is in plain white DK.
I had a 1st attempt at card making with a friend’s equiptment- these were the results:

I’m really pleased with them as they are so unusual. I was amazed when I went to a Hobbycraft shop a few months ago at the 5 aisles of card making bits compared to the 1 row of quilting. I think cards have really taken off here in the UK and I didn’t know a thing about it!

Right must see my Bloglog Book and see what delights I’m meant to do today.

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