Halloween Tree, Bee Frame, Picnic, Green Man

Quick catch up as I’m meant to be painting a wardrobe.

Forgot to post pics of the completed teddy picnic food and crockery.

We decorated the Halloween Tree last night: bats, cat bags, pumpkin bags, ghosts, etc. i like it it’s a quirky idea.

I bought this Green Man plaque in “Witches Galore” in Pendle (they have a mail order web site too). It replaces the one I tried to make in Fimo for the oak wreath I made earlier.

I also changed my mind about the triple pic for son’s birthday and made him one to go with his new room -yellows. The theme was bees and “Bee your best” running stitched onto it as if written by bees. My Nana had a saying of “tell your news to the bees”. Not sure why ought to look it up at some point unless anyone can shed light?

Painting now before I get distracted.

P.S. It’s raining again. I think Summer 2007 was cancelled. Definately feels like Autumn.

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