Happy Chinese New Year and Home


sshin-nyen kwhy-ler or “Happy New Year” in Chinese.


Wonderful dragons!


I had robe envy! The Lucky Man was giving children envelopes of money as is traditional.


Tai Chi Chuan – Kwong Tam Merseyside School of Tai Chi


Chinese lantern


Chinese Dragon – The Liverpool Hung Gar Kung Fu Friendship Association


In Chinese mythology the dragon is a creature of the air not of fire. This dragon looked as if it was flying.


I have made some progress on my Winter cushion covers. I’m glad I did or they wont get any used before Spring!


I made the 2nd one a mirror image. The white fabric is silvery like snow. The red border looks a little like knitting. I used it on the roof too.


 Such a cosy little house suitable for this room with the house tea light holders, and the fairy tale wood wallpaper. It will have some Winter trees either side of it eventually.


I’d like to show you another sort of home altogether.


This is Lyla, a beagle cross. She was dumped here  but wasn’t coming out of her tyre home to  be fed  as she was so scared of the other dumped dogs.

A charity is trying to limit the number of puppies born dumped so is trying to spay as many as possible, while they have them they are worming and vaccinating them. This is all they can afford to do as resources in their shelter are so limited.


If you feel able to help the charity Animal Welfare Cyprus has set up a donation page.

Lyla has a video here. You can see how closed down she has become due to being scared and alone. It really reminded me of Angel when she first came to me.

I had to help.



When I said I could offer her a permanent home, she was taken from her tyre home within hours which may have saved her life and put into foster via a UK run charity, Jodie’s Cyprus Dog Rehoming. Jodie’s parents retired to Cyprus and are also involved in rescue, so both sides of the flight are taken care of. Lyla needs her rabies vaccination (21 days minimum) and paperwork putting in order for a pet passport before she can fly. She will arrive with us in March. All I need to do now, is get things ready for her arrival and meet the plane when it arrives with someone from Jodie’s Rescue taking care of the paperwork at the UK end.

So my dear blog friends here is the scared little Lyla at the worst you will ever see her. Thanks to those charities working together for the good of the dogs she now has hope and a future. I hope to share her blossoming with you over the next decade or so. 🙂

gwor-nyen haoww in Chinese “pass the New Year well”.

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