Nikki Tervo’s Quilting Mouse


“Shop Till You Drop” stitchery is finished


So is “In Sickness and in Health”



They both come from Nikki Tervo’s Quilting Mouse quilt design.

Here it has been an eventful week.

We currently have no central heating boiler  but thankfully as the house is Victorian we have usable fireplaces downstairs. There is no hot water so we have been boiling kettles. I knew we liked having a Victorian house but I wasn’t thinking to have the full Victorian experience. Thank heavens the indoor toilets work  as we’ve been having sleet showers and I don’t own a single chamber pot! One company quoted an outrageously large amount to fix the boiler, so we are collecting quotes at the moment. The cynic in me wonders if they put the price up thinking that people will pay anything when they are desperate. I am made of sterner stuff though… besides we have medicinal cherry brandy in the house and a stiff upper lip. LOL

So I ended up doing my latest assignment (now officially half way through the coursework) wearing fingerless gloves upstairs with a hot water bottle in my lap and the bed covers pulled up over my legs. I felt like a Medieval student in a garret – just add candlelight! It got done though thanks to everyone helping at the final push.

Talking of final pushes, I found out by accident that Son hadn’t applied to a single uni and that the deadline was Thursday. I ended up spending Wednesday on the phone to his college finding out where things had gone wrong, getting the codes I needed and getting the application completed that day.  Honestly that boy adds grey to my hair daily! He makes John le Mesurier on Dad’s Army look like dancer at a rave!

So now I am back in Blogland  but don’t have a lots to share. There are a couple of cushion covers in the making and I’ve started a pair of purple slouch socks for myself. It is definitely the weather for thick wool socks.

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