Blitz The List 2nd Half


I bet you are wondering what I’ve been up to in the 2nd half of my Blitz the List week.


It hasn’t been all work- I’ve been walking along the canal a lot.


It is so beautiful at this time of the year. “Small Heath” butterfly.


“Small Tortoiseshell” butterfly feeding on a hedge.


The seasons are early this year- wheat has been harvested before the Summer Holidays. Traditionally children had a long Summer holiday so they could work out in the fields to bring in the harvest. One of my old primary schools was over 100 years old.  It was fascinating when we heard what that school was like back then. Pupil numbers were way down especially for the older boys from May onwards.


A cheeky pigeon is gleaning among the straw for spilled grain. Even in Medieval times widows of a parish could have the gleanings from church land free of charge.


There are more active boats with people having holidays in the sun (between thunder storms).


How lovely though, to spend a night here and there and watch the scenery change.

So now let me share what I did in the 2nd half of my Blitz The List week.


I told Stephanie that I had a gorgeous button and the perfect corduroy to go with it. She recommended her California Gal bag in the book Uncommonly Corduroy. You can buy it here in America. I recommend it as it has bags, quilts, and scarves in which are not only able to be made in corduroy but also denim, crafting cotton, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Anyway I got the pieces ready but I wasn’t happy.


The button wasn’t singing against the cream corduroy.


It was far happier against the green so I jigged and poked my offcuts.


It meant that the bag flap has to be in lining fabric but I just about managed it.



Internal pocket.


So here it is with my best green wax coat and hat ready for posh Autumn walks.

No one will notice the pieced bag flap once I’ve ironed it again.

So what to do with the cream flap and pocket which were already made?


I had a lot of cream corduroy left over, so I made a whole new bag.


It had sleeping owls as a lining. I chose it, as the cream corduroy reminded me of a barn owl I had as a kid called “Barnie” (so original!).


I had a little shell moon to decorate the pocket.



And stars to decorate the flap.

The pattern is so versatile that you can accessorize it however you like.

I like patterns like that.


Maybe that is why I’m not liking Pumpkinville?

I gritted my teeth and finished block 6. I have it as a kit with all the fabric supplied in just the right amount.

There is no room for much creativity. Just needle turning applique.

At least I’m half way now. The pumpkin on the right overflows into the border so I can’t sew it on fully.


I traced all 16 stitchery designs for Nikki Tervo’s Quilting Mouse quilt.

It is incredibly cute with mice and a sewing theme. The rest of the quilt uses scraps, so very economical.

I also traced the stitcheries for Lynette Anderson’s In Full Bloom. She uses dark soft colours.

I’m going to be sewing it in bright colours.  This little quilt is going to make me smile and remind me of this Summer of sunshine.


Lastly I have got this far on a single bed sized quilt.


There haven’t been many elves here lately, so here is the 1st block of 11 all bonded.

I can just pick it up and sew when I like in front  of the TV.



Just 10 left to bond. You can find it here.  If you want to make it too.

I will have some pink in mine but I will be using more tonals than they have used so it will look less busy and more colourful.

I want it to have that same magical moment that I had when I saw the 1971 Willy Wonka film and the doors opened to the chocolate waterfall and candy cane trees. 3 min clip here.

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