Red Cloud’s Maiden Voyage- a couple of finishes.


The Freshfields Quilt is finished. The patterned fabric by Debbie Munn was donated by Simone.


I used Lynette Anderson’s “Full Bloom” design but instead of her stitcheries, fussy cut tea pots and


machine appliqued them onto the larger squares.


There was a scrap of blue in Simone’s package, which was just right for the 1st border if I cut it slightly narrower than the original design.


The red and black chequered binding was scrap left overs ready in long lengths from a finished project by Simone.

It was a good challenge making this quilt, getting the best out of the fabric for a good cause.


Another finish is a pair of huge socks for Son’s birthday in September.

I am on a roll with the sock making!

There is another pair in the making in purple- 2nd sock started.


We’ve been back to Lake Coniston for a much needed break.


A view which reminds me that life isn’t always a straight path but has interesting tangents.


We are here for this my father’s canoe “Red Cloud” on her maiden voyage with us.


She fits son quite well.

We now know that she is good enough for our messing about purposes and doesn’t sink, so the next stage is to strip her down and paint her properly. She will have to be red of course, but this time with the right marine paint and a decent undercoat to provide a key.


The cast left by a dragonfly hatching.


Green leech- I was fascinated and shot some video.


Tiny fish feeding on some scraps I threw in as an experiment.


The babe Gondola. My heart leaps when I hear her for the first time each year.

It feels like a kind of welcome back.


A photo of Gondola when she was young, on the Yewdale Hotel wall.

It is the building on the left in the 1st webcam.


A new hatch of ducklings visited us.


Coniston Old Man


Son loves coming here. You can put the busy town world behind you and live life as it is meant to be.


I read “How to be a Pirate” the sequel to the DVD “How To Train Your Dragon” while sat here.


So of course I set off in “LadyBird” with Son in “Red Cloud” scouring the shores for treasure.

We found lots of Victorian pottery- this was just the start!


We searched lots of little bays and wondered if a snooty Mrs Ponson De Snyde dropped her tea cup in horror when his son announced his marriage to the scullery maid.

We smiled lots.


Just being near nature again was wonderful.


Daughter found a piece of wood with brass rivets. I think it will make a good sign board.


I thought a lot about my father as I watched Red Cloud.

He would’ve liked it that his grandson was having fun with his canoe.

I came back to 122 spam comments so to try to limit it I have closed all posts over 7 days old to all comments.

I check each comment manually before allowing them so there is no chance of them ever appearing. It is just tedious that these bots keep trying.  Sorry to those of you who have tried to make a comment on an old post.

I’ve also been told that if you use an i-phone to read blogs, it doesn’t necessarily show you all your reading list updates. So if you haven’t heard from someone in a while, it is worth just checking on their blog. You’d just hate not to know their gos wouldn’t you?

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