Pretty in Pink


The weather has been a glorious 20-25C lately with the odd thunder storm thrown in. So we’ve been out walking the hounds a lot by the canal. Here are our regular duck pals- they have 2 non standard ducks with them which I think were captive bred. So we recognise them at once.


Inside the house I had to celebrate this Summer weather we’ve been having in June.

Lavender and Pansies in teacups.


Forget-me-Nots in a tea cup


Blue daisy and Bluebell in teacups.

This project has been waiting since last year when I bought tea and coffee metal hangars for the kitchen.


I am so pleased to have this ticked off my Wanna Make List.

I love how they came out high above the top cupboards in the kitchen.

Come on with my lack of domesticity I need a bribe to go in the room. 🙂


Another corner of the garden has had a bit of a facelift with pink trellis out of the left over paint from the garage doors.



I leave you with one I made earlier (Spring’s Gardening Angel “Hope”) in the same pink dot border as the kitchen teacups.

It is just by the kitchen door.

So that is it for now- a pretty in pink week.

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