Birthday and overdue quilt finish.


D Day Normandy Landings 6th June 1944.

Pic taken with funny camera setting (pure fluke) as the Memorial Flight flew over where we were walking the hounds. The larger centre aircraft is the Lancaster Bomber, to the left is a Hurricane and to the right is a Spitfire.


The Lancaster is one of only 2 airworthy planes. The other is in Canada. The sound is iconic of every World War II film I have seen.


Sorry this one is slightly miss-timed- The Lancaster flew directly over us- not a shot you usually get even at an air show.

Seeing these planes brought a tear to my eye for all the lost lives of all nationalities. Everyone was someone’s child.

Now happier stuff.


It was Lovely Husband’s birthday in May, so I prepared a feast and hung the flags out.


A private lunch for 2.


Surrounded in newly painted woodwork and pretty colours,


Turned into a family feast. Bungle lurked ever hopeful.


We had a decadent bottle of wine with our lunch.


Accompanied by one of the endangered doves we’ve been feeding.


Lunch turned into dinner with more of us, red wine and present opening.


Red and green Thai curries with poppadoms and naan bread.


Of course there was a birthday cake and a toffee cheese cake.


Truelove the pigeon brought a friend to help us celebrate a special day.

Now a much overdue finish.

Fanfare please as this was a battle. 🙂

I found an old picnic rug in a cupboard and almost jumped up and down with glee. Was it the right size though?


It was felted wool  1cm thick. It turned out to be  perfect not for the borders of the Autumn quilt, but for mounting it onto so it became the back and borders.  I kept the fringes as I thought they  were unusual. It was a monumental battle to quilt the 2 together because of the thickness.

Thank you Ulla for the perfectly timed chocolate ration.


I couldn’t fold the edges, so I bought 6m of green ribbon to cover the edge. I am so glad that is finished. It weighed over 3kg so my poor shoulders and neck really felt the strain.

Hold the fanfare- I think a tic-a-tape parade is more in order. I did it at long last!



Sunset from the front garden.

Next time I will share the back garden roses with you and whatever else I have made.

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