Portmeirion 2 + Makings


Let us continue our Portmeirion tour by carrying on down the hill and entering the Piazza.

This is areas 3 and 2 on the interactive map.


Looking up at the Clifftop on our right. But what is that grotto?


A statue of Buddha


A wall niche further down the slope was an excellent place to show off a Greek style statue.

I really liked and blue and white colour combination.


A path to further Clifftop properties. It was march so the daffodils were out.

On Dewi Sant (St David’s Day- 1st March) the children go to school in national dress. The boys wear a leek in their buttonholes and the girls wear a daffodil. Some years when we lived in Wales we had to hunt hard for a daffodil for Daughter if it had been a long Winter on the mountain. It felt like cheating to get one in the valley.


Looking back at a view of Buddha’s Grotto.


View into the Piazza. It was originally tennis courts but they realised that it didn’t feel right with the “evolved village” theme.


“Trinity” in the centre of the Piazza was my fav. building.  The ironwork and the carved gable trim are irresistible.


I have a long standing porch envy problem being porch-less in this house. This one all in metalwork was so pretty.


Quirky plant themed bench.


This scene reminded me of something in my grandmother’s house. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time.

It was only when we got home and I was greeted by her 4 Chinese season paintings that I could see that  the cliff and trees shared the same unusual composition.


Another angle looking towards Battery Square.


Statue facing the sea (Portmeirion is on the tip of a peninsular where the river meets the sea).


You can sit and watch the sea even when it rains.


Hercules Hall / Town Hall.


Angel House 1925- the 1st Clough building at Portmeirion.

IMG_4037 IMG_4038

I do like it when things are labelled. You can stay in this house as a self catering cottage.


The other side of my fav building.


You can also stay in Neptune house.


Neptune detail.


Amazing colour combinations. I really like the lilac and pink together.


The Piazza looking SW  towards the sea. Clifftop is to the left and the Town Hall to the right.


Let me show you a few more details before we go down to the Quayside next time.


Niche statue.


Giftshop near Salutation Square (NE corner on the map).  Click to see the painted details around the windows.


Cafe sign- so much attention to detail.


The series The Prisoner was filmed here in 1966.



We will now walk down to the sea.

If you can’t wait for more, there are live webcams.


Now for the few things I have been making since my last blog post.


Dishcloths like the 2 I made in Oxford earlier this month.


2x 28″ greyhound coats for a permanent resident of Freshfields Rescue charity.


Purple bias trim on one coat


Lilac bias trim on another coat.


The true shades of the coats: purple dmc 333 of the waterproof and the spring green of the fleece linings.


Tree Jumper in Spring Green- I think my camera colour settings are off.


The blossoms are pale pink like a cherry tree not this coral shown.


The flowers around the bottom edge are lilac.


This lace part was tricky as the instructions didn’t give you details when decreasing around the neck. I am glad it is done. Age 1-2 for the “one day grandchildren” box.


This was the tiny mat I managed to make husband for his birthday while my course was still on. I am so glad it is over as I was burning the candle at every end to get things done.


4 coats with an open able neck design for little rescue dogs. These coats have just left the house this morning. The rescue kindly lent me a coat to use as a template as I don’t have any small dogs now Archie’s 6 months with us ended.

So that is what I’ve been doing lately.

My course has finished, so I now have some head-space to try to get to grips with the tech on this blog. Last time I had trouble even writing the post, it has stopped sending me emails of when you leave comments even though that option is ticked, and some of you had to log in. I’m so sorry about all that trouble. I do like to hear from you fellow crafters. Unfortunately spam artists seem to have no trouble leaving comments so I am having to approve comments manually a lot of the time.  Please bare with me and I will try to improve things.

Hugs to you all.

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