Back Home and Elf Garden


Sorry about the pic quality. I was back home in Oxfordshire and forgot my camera, so the 1st few pics are on a mobile phone.

I made these Tilda roses for a friend back home.


It was another friend’s birthday so we had her picnic in Nuneham Courtney Arboretum as usual.

Although the weather is ahead of itself, it was still possible to see the bluebells.

Few sights are as beautiful as a bluebell wood in Spring.


A Red Kite flew overhead. There used to be none in the area when I was growing up, but thanks to reintroduction schemes numbers are making a comeback in the UK.


Why are rhododendrons so beautiful but only the yellow one smells (of honeysuckle)?

photo- aa-elf-garden

Now the photos are resized I can show you Elf Garden. It is my 1st non charity quilt PDF pattern and can be found for sale by Paypal in the House-Elf Store for $35. The stitcheries are by Elly Jones and are also available individually for $5. Let me introduce you to her characters:


Apple Elf- he makes sure your apples trees are kept in good health.


Daffodil Elf, this fellow is busy over Winter making sure the bulbs are ready for Spring.


The fairies watch over everything and take messages between the elves, to make sure the seasons run smoothly.


Girl picking mushrooms, oblivious to the elf world around her. (Aren’t we all once we grow up?)


Pumpkin Elf, this jolly fellow ensures we all have Halloween lanterns and pumpkin pie.


This kindly Winter Elf, is making sure a robin wraps up well.



It isn’t all hard work for the elves. Here is an Autumn Elf on a swing by some mushrooms.

I hope you like them as much as I did when I met them in sketches by Elly.

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