Lots of Finishes

Sorry no Warrior 1860 ship in this post as is it already pic heavy with crafting.  Have a cake and cuppa instead.

So let me tell you what I have been doing while not in Blogland:

IMG_3782First I found a new bookcase in a charity shop, for the study. It means that by playing tetris and wearing a hard hat if I want to open any cupboard in the house, I finally have all the books down from the attic. 🙂 There was a happy reunion with many old friends.

IMG_3785Little premature Catherine now has this heart decorated hat and  body warmer.


The aran baby bag is finished in white plastic aran style buttons.


Close up. It took 500g of the Teddy Aran.

IMG_3788  The Greyhound Quilt is now hanging on the wall in the study.

It looks fabulous with the red carpet in there.

I used buttonhole stitch colonial knots and back stitch for the embroideries.

The centre reads:

“Some paint lovely pictures,

Others write good books

Some make peaceful gardens

Others are fine cooks,

But the talent that endureth

That matters in the end

Is the tenderness and caring

That makes a faithful friend.”

I got it from an old Aussy Homespun but it seemed apt for a quilt with greyhounds in each of the toiles squares.

IMG_3789  I finally made that journal cover I had in my dream. IMG_3790It fits well.  IMG_3791Close up of the gems.
IMG_3791bThe lining is in a royal blue, and the end pieces in turquoise. Lovely colour combination!


Atlantic Link top is finally made. In the pattern it only had 12 blocks.

I did 20 to make it the right size for a single bed.   All from stash.

It is a belated birthday present so I have had my head down making it.IMG_3792  Stephanie’s book “Uncommonly Corduroy” arrived.

It looks fabulous with easy to understand instructions.  See inside for yourself in the link.IMG_3793   The sweet lady sent me a signed matching book plate for it and bookmark.

Now how special was that!


  Another special lady is Sylvia who sent me a gorgeous needle case for taking part in the Craft Olympics this year.

If anyone would like to host it this year do let her know. IMG_3799

Cheery flowers for the rainy days.


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