New Craft Olympics and Morfa Beach


Let me take you back to the beginning of July in Morfa, North Wales.


Fishing boat.


We are up on the cliff looking left


straight ahead (love that blue!)


and then to the right. The mountains are very beautiful in North Wales.


Morfa village.


Zoom in of the houses to the north of the semi circle beach.


But we will head to these houses


on a stepped path like this one on the opposite side of the cliff.


Corvids accompanied us


down to the beach.

IMG_9128 IMG_9129 IMG_9132 IMG_9136

The tide had left us with green crab claws, seaweed and a non stinging form of jellyfish.


There were also a number of catfish.


Have a closer look at this gorgeous shade of purple on the jellyfish.


If you hang this sort by your door, it will tell you the weather.


The shades of  Summer cream interested me- playing with light for effects.



Now let me share with you a finish which has been months in the making:

Kaffe’s Kaleidoscope!


I used Egyptian white sheeting and Kaffe Fassett’s Spot on collection. It needs ironing!

I have wanted to make this every since seeing Lucy M. Boston’s Kaleidoscope Quilt back in 2007. It has taken me this long to work out how to make it but using a machine mainly but still staying faithful to the paper pieced version by Lucy.


I used a black binding and a button and teapot backing fabric.


I tried to graduate the colours properly so nothing would grate on my eye.


I also tried as much as possible to not have the same fabric design next to one another.


It was a huge challenge but I think it deserves a place in the “New” section of the Craft Olympics.


Lastly I have sewn old jet and glass beads to the poppy felt flower brooch I made. It will go on my big red coat called “Swish” on Remembrance Sunday.


I hope I have caught up with everyone now.

If anyone missed it there is a link to Daughter’s Peru trip photo blog in my previous post. She had a fantastic time and it has given her the confidence to train as a diver at long last. Thank you for helping her achieve that dream.

She will be 21 at the weekend. Son is going down to wine and dine her. He is taking cash, a birthday cake and some fine china… now what can possibly go wrong?

I’ve got the plague at the moment but it has meant that I have had to sit still instead of juggling everything. Thank you for a wonderful day full of seeing the wonders you have been making. You are a lovely bunch. 🙂

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