Craft Olympics “Special” Finish



The 12m Peru style set is finished for the “one-day grandchildren” box.

It is a Craft Olympic finish in the “special” category. Sylvia still has the Olympics open to new people if you fancy signing up. You can include things you have made so far this year. Just click on the above link to find out more.


The hat was knitted in the car. We decided to surprise Daughter a day early by picking her up from uni.




“So what is the weather like in Portsmouth?” Lovely husband asked Daughter on the mobile phone.

“Err rainy.”

“About 17c?”

“Err probably.” She was a bit perplexed by this point.

“It’s that where we are. We’re outside.”

“That’s nice then. ” She thought we were walking the hounds somewhere.

“We’re outside your building.” Lovely Husband is giggling now.

“What here? No you’re not. You’re coming tomorrow!”

“No we are really outside your building.”


“Right now.”

She still thought we were joking until she came down.

We had more good news on the trip back- Son has scraped through to next years course. We promised him a new hound of his own (Precious died a year ago), if he passed, so later this month we will look for a hound who will fit in with the pack.


Squeak is still a lollygagging snuggler.

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