Pink and Green Monday

 This is the River Ribble on the 7th April.
 It was the first blue sky day in what felt like months.
The leaves were barely budding.
 It was so good to be out of the house and feeling the sun on our faces.
We imagined what it would be like to live here
hearing the sound of water. 
We decided it would be a very good thing in the Summer, but worrying in the Winter with flooding dangers. 
I am so glad that I am walking properly, so I can see these quiet places so far away from roads and traffic noises. They are real soul food. Ooo I have a diagnosis -a slipped disc at L5. It was that which caused the foot pain. The physio is going well so I am hoping that things will be more normal again with no meds.
Inside News:
 I had a major kitchen breakthrough- pastry!
I made an edible chicken pie with left over roast chicken.
 On TV I’ve been enjoying Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.
Isn’t her house utterly gorgeous!
Now some arrivals:
Ulla the utter sweetie, did a bit of shopping for me- another onion bag for a friend and the little rabbit felt pot grab I have regretted not buying in the Villa Cooper while I was in Finland with her.  Being the wonderful person she is, she also packed tinned perch, chocolate, rainbow sock wool (I admired too small socks in this yarn in Villa Cooper being a rainbow fan), a Moomin postcard, and some special socks for my daughter’s Peru adventure. 

Thank you so much Ulla! It was incredibly kind of you.
Laura will be walking 6 miles a day at altitude in Peru in August which is heavy going. It is important that she doesn’t get hot and sore feet. We’ve bought her boots already so she is very used to them before she goes. In my day you had to “break them in” but all this modern Gortex stuff means you don’t have to go through the blister making stage anymore.  Fundraising online wise she is now up to 76%– just £670 to go. Thank you all so much for helping her achieve this dream.
A belated birthday present arrived from Yvonne W.  A beautiful blue and white cushion cover to go nicely with my blue and white china and 2 hand painted badges.
 She also hand painted the butterfly button in the centre of the cushion.
Have a lookie at the detail on these buttons. If you want to view her new updated button and brooch shop just go here.
I found a feather pillow pad for it. Doesn’t it look grand! 
I feel like I ought to say that this blog post is brought to you by the colours pink and green.
We had one day of wonderful 17c (Saturday) before cloudy days of 10c returned. 
Green and pink remind me of Spring more so than any other colour combination.
 My polyanthus now have ranunculus friends in my little spot of colour.
Even on these overcast days, I smile when I look at them.
If it is too frosty where you are, what about a little pot of something colourful to see you through until the good weather comes? Where Spring is so late this year, experts are saying it is ok to still plant some Spring bulbs.
I picked  this set for £1 at a car boot sale. I can picture tulips in them like on the mat Simone made.
I jolly well will have a Spring even though the weather isnt as co-operative as it ought to be at the moment.
Go rebel me!
 I have a new Spring pink bag!
 I went out to get a matching pair of shoes and came back with these. 
Colour blindness?
No the children didn’t believe me either…. :-/
Well at £6 I wasn’t going to leave them in the shop. LOL
I did eventually find a pair which are about as close as I can get. All the shoes seem to be a more dusky pink this season.
Sorry not a lot of crafting this week.
Time to freeze the strawberry sorbet I made earlier. 
They were only £2.50 for 1.5kg 
I jolly well will have a Spring even if it is only indoors!

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