1/15 Craft Olympics 2013 Finish, + birthday

It was my birthday back in March. Yep that is how far behind I am with my blog!
There’s no way the number of candles would fit on the cake and besides no one fanced a trip to A+E with me collapsed after trying to blow them out.
One candle did nicely on this coffee and walnut cake.
I forgot to show you the finished scarf to match the slouch Rikke hat for daughter.
I added little crochet flowers with the final bits of yarn.
A wonderful parcel came from Suzie in Germany.
My fav rose scented smellies, coffee chocolates, a bag showing historic buildings in Germany, 2 little birds for Spring decorating, and 2 project bags.
Thank you Suzie!
A gorgeous one from Tracy in Norway.
FQs from her trip to Lancaster County PA, a bookmark, a home for crochet hooks, 2 sweet smelling soaps, and tea bags.
Thank you Tracy!
A beautiful one from Anne Marie in Norway
An exercise book to make notes in, a beautiful pattern, pretty charm squares, and the long teddy table runner.
Thank you Anne Marie!
But most special of all was being able to share my birthday with Ulla in person.
Socks and gloves which look like Art; sweets, earrings like Licorice Alsorts (not shown), a writing books with Helsinki illustrations, and a wonderful book all about Elves and Finnish recipes season by season. 
I am just a bit besotted by this book.
She knows my taste so well. This will be a scarf.
 The rug is made from Mr K’s old pyjamas, so I had to giggle about Mr K’s pyjamas being on our hallway floor. 
I bought 2 pink and green Spring themed mats, but they will only go down when I have finished Spring cleaning in the dining room. Will share later.
Ulla’s daughter Kaija gave me this green book to write in. She makes such high quality items for sale on Etsy
Thank you Kaija! I will put wonderful things only in it!
Thank you ladies for helping me celebrate my birthday. You are utter treasures.
I bet you are wondering what I bought in Villa Cooper. Well there is a strokable pussy willow ball; a bag for onions so they don’t go soggy in your fridge; a sparkly heart with a crystal to send rainbows round Daughter’s room; an angel for Lovely Husband; and a felt pot grab which will never be used like that as it is too beautiful!
In the supermarket I found lots of sock yarn. I think Daughter will be needing some warm socks for Peru so some of it will be for her and some for Son.
Daughter has raised 73% for Practical Action charity now, so just the last £750 to go!!!!
I am so excited for her. She will get to see Maccu Picu in August!!!
Remember the wool shop in Jarvenpaa? These sparkly lovelies jumped into my hand screaming Spring crochet.
And then these begged to be taken back to England. How could I turn them down?
This is a very dangerous place if you like playing with yarn. 🙂
So many other colours were trying to leap into my hands. I have been craving colour in this never ending grey Winter in England. It has been like Narnia with the White Witch in control.
 Not all white is bad- Daughter found my fav chocolate “White Toblerone” which is as rare as hen’s teeth in England. For some reason we can get the milk chocolate but not the white one. I have to rely on the Duty Free shops at airports and buy a few bars for the year. I think it is the one parcel in my Christmas stocking which I can recognise without unwrapping it. 🙂
Daughter also arranged with Son to buy me some FQs from a shop in Portsmouth for my birthday. Aren’t they pretty!
Lovely Husband knows how I have been craving colour, so bought me this mini rose for Valentine’s Day.
For my birthday he put in some polyanthus as soon as the ground was frost free.
I can see them from the craft room window. This is a double polyanthus in an amazing purple colour.
A sweet smelling Erysimum (wallflower) and the other polyanthus (primrose).
I like the painted look of the paler pink one here.
I am so grateful for this little patch of colour.
 This week the god of charity shops smiled on me. I had been wanting something like this for my FQs and large scraps for a long time.
I was tempted to paint it but as the wood and varnish was in good condition, I just scrubbed it over.
It is now above the bookcase where the FQs used to be. It will be so nice to have the craft books back in the craft room.  Spring Cleaning in here is long overdue. I daren’t show you the rest of the room. Let us just say that if you are good at hopscotch, you may get out alive. 🙂
I had to show you this! Son got a crystal growing set for Christmas and it worked!
 I am so proud. I have never managed this miracle. Maybe I’m not patient enough?
 Talking of patience, this is what I’ve been doing. My local cheap bookshop started selling good quality 100% acrylic DK 100g balls at 4 for £5. Oooo I couldn’t get my little fat legs in there fast enough for the bright colours. This is my Rainbow Granny Squares Blanket.
The scallop edge is one of Attic 24s tutorials. For a newbie like me having someone tell you the actions of a crochet stitch in step by step pics is invaluable. I am still waiting for the yarn to come in to the main wool shop so I can finish Blue Wave crochet blanket.
This is my first finish for the Craft Olympics and goes in the New catagory.
For those who haven’t heard, there are 3 catagories New, UFO (unfinished object), and Special. You get to submit 5 from each catagory to Sylvia and she has been kind enough to say that they can be backdated to the beginning of the year. You choose your projects and set your goals, so it is a really fun challenge.
Bungle was really keen on the new wool when I was laying it out. 
There is a greyhound principle “If you lay it, they will come.”
It applies to quilts especially I’ve found. I have to shut the hounds out of a room when I am taking a photo of a finished item on the floor.
Next time some Spring pics now there are signs of life outside.

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