Snow and fireside knitting

As you know I have been grounded, so have been finding things to do which don’t involve moving.
 Daughter sent me this pic from Portsmouth, so I was getting desperate for some snow.
At last there was a little smattering for us!
 The blue hounds played for a while,
Before rushing in like children.
Squeak has mainly been dozing by my side. I think greyhounds almost hibernate in Winter.
I have finally finished the back of a cardigan in 4 ply wool. I chose the pattern because it has a fancy rib.
Mainly I have been sat here with my foot on a stool, the fire and the TV on. 
I liked this colour combination- the blue is more of a teal shade.  I don’t know why the camera is making them look lighter than they really are.
So here is a finished something I can show you. It was made from 200g of King Cole’s Magnum Chunky yarn in “Petrol.”
I found the free pattern here along with many other hot waterbottle covers.

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