Blandford Forum, Cerne Abbas + North Pole Progress

Are you ready to have a little explore?
The weather hasn’t been good
So the wheat isn’t ripe yet. What a gorgeous texture though! I think it would make a good fabric.
 A dead tree reminded me of fish bones.
We’re in Grey Squirrel territory near Blandford Forum in Dorset.
Blackbird getting its breakfast.
A pigeon perched on top of the tent hoping to scrounge some.
 We decided to go into Blandford Forum to hunt down some food for ourselves.
The Greyhound Pub- I had to take a photo.
Sign on the wall.
Painting on the Georgian pediment.
I looked down at the pavement- what!!!???
A riddle indeed.
I felt like such a bird brain.
This monument from 1760 though solved the riddle.
John Bastard gave to the bailiff and burgess of this town £600  
in trust that the interest of £500  be laid out every year in teaching 35 
boys and girls to read and to buy proper books and that the interest of 
the other £100 be laid out in keeping this pump in repair and 
to supply the lamp with oil and a man to light every night from 
Michaelmass to Lady Day forever.”
“In remembrance 
of God’s dreadful visitation by fire
which broke out the 4th June 1731
and in a few hours reduced, not only the
church and almost this whole town to ashes
wherein 14 inhabitants perished
but also 2 adjacent villages
in grateful acknowledgement of
divine mercy
that has since raised this town
like the phoenix from its ashes
to its present and beautiful flourishing state
and to prevent
by a timely supply of water
(with God’s blessing) the fatal
consequences of fire hereafter
this monument
of that dire diaster and provision
against the like, is humbly erected
John Bastard
a considerable sharer
in the general calamity
So there you have it- the Bastard family were local heros for helping to finance the town after it was destroyed by fire. They were also craftsmen in their own right.
 Most of what you see of Blandford Forum today is Georgian.
 Judging though from the narrow shop fronts and the layout of the town, I think the fire may have destoryed the buildings, but people were still able to recognise where their property was, so the buildings were rebuilt exactly where the old ones were.
 It is similar to a Medieval town rather than the cross shape street pattern of an Anglo Saxon walled town.
 Squeak though was more interested in guarding the rabbit stew than looking at streets and buildings.
This is the wonderful zipped bag which Grethe gave to me at the Birmingham Quilt show. She also knows I like the wire hangers, so this was inside it.
Thank you Grethe!
 It even had a section divider! Beautiful!
Sorry I don’t have a lot to show. I have been in Oxfordshire to my Grandfather’s funeral. 
These North Pole blocks were done mainly in the car. I will put a button at the roof apex where I cut it a bit short.
Mr Mrs Claus’ House
Marble makers
Carol Shop. 
In the original pattern this was a Chinese take away. I couldn’t imagine one in the North Pole Village, and I had some musical note fabric, so….
 George’s Garage and Deliah’s Doll Shop
 Lastly Slick’s Sleds
I’ve shown you the chalk figure of Uffington’s White Horse before now, so let me share the Cerne Abbas Giant. There are better pics in the link and the debate about his age and identity.
 Erm he is a tad naked and brazen but it is likely that he is only a young lad- perhaps a forerunner of our dear Prince Harry. …. blush. It has been proven that he once had an animal skin/cloak over his arm. The other arm waves a club.
Above the giant is a possible Iron Age Hill Fort called The Trendle. May Day fertility dances are celebrated there by Moris Men.
Next time I will take you to another Dorchester and finally finish my Dorset mini tour. I have so many other places to share from this month’s gadding about!
The children are in the Lakes camping. Storms are due so they have a spare tent. So Lovely Hubby and I have a long weekend together. I will play in the craft room tomorrow and try to get the uni quilt finished. It has lingered for far too long. I bought lots of new lovelies at the quilt show which I am keen to play with.
Off now to finish poking my nose in on your blogs.

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