Roots, Makings, Greyhound Walk

This is going to be a bit bitty but bear with me- it’s been one of those weeks. 
I find tree roots fascinating.
As a child I read Enid Blyton so I knew they were the home of magical fairy folk. 
And the holes in the tree trunks were for squirrels.
Heart in a tree.  
I liked the look of this mushroom night light- being a fan of mushrooms.
It was on display with Beatrix Potter characters. 
Now let me bring you up to date with the makings here. I got busy and spent any spare minutes I could cutting and making log cabins.
 Then I switched to making these lavender bags on Sunday morning. They were for GRWE, to raise money to help rescue greyhounds
. The starlings and a changling didn’t bat an eyelid at the arrival of so many hounds.
It was the annual Great Greyhound Walk on Crosby beach where the Iron Men are. 
Fluff stayed at home as she would’ve wanted to be off lead, so we walked little Coogan again. 
 Poor Coogan had a home but the resident dog didn’t take to him so he is looking again. You can read all about him and other greyhounds looking for a home here. He is a sweet lad who would be great at agility or as a jogging companion.
Boats came in and out of Liverpool.
 Some jellyfish washed up on a section of the beach. They were as big as dinner plates.
 I think it was the rough and wet weather we’ve been having.
Just look at that sky though!
 Yesterday we went to a shoe sale in town. Look what I have for Autumn. I just have to force myself to part with one pair of shoes with a hole in the sole, and another where the sole has worn out at the toes. …I’m not quite brave enough yet. I’ve had a decade of adventures with one pair, and the others were bought in Burford back home in Oxfordshire. I’ve given myself until the Autumn to say goodbye to them. Anyone else have trouble saying goodbye to shoes and boots? I only got rid of my old dig boots by donating them in Egypt!
Remember all those log cabins in the most gorgeous vibrant Autumn colours imaginable? Well they were a border for Fox and Friends. Today I added the next border. I have a lot of applique to keep me out of mischief for a while.
I added the date.
The last border is cut.
Now just look what came through the post this week. It is the yummiest edition for a while of Aussy Homespun. That tree wallhanging is going on my “Wanna Make 2012” list.
 Just look at these applique bags by Yoshi.  The link has other Yoshi bags too.
Lastly a bit of news- we have a 2nd viewing by a proceedable person tomorrow afternoon. All good thoughts appreciated.

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