Plague and Last Minute Makings.

 Merry Christmas everyone.
 I’ve been dashing around like a mad thing with Daughter who arrived safely back from uni on Saturday. I’m trying to keep her active each day.
 All the decorating in other parts of the house is complete and some presents are wrapped.
 However Son is ill. In spite of having the vaccinations, he has caught mumps. It’s wiped him out a bit, and he can’t chew. Only him! I wonder if it’s possible to mash a roast dinner? This is the same lad who’s had a birthday in hospital before now. He’s just a bit accident prone. At the moment his face is so swollen you can’t see his lower jaw. I did a call him a bullfrog and got a poke in the ribs for it. 🙂
 So please bare with me while I catch up with emails.
 I am also running up and downstairs with things like Beano Annuals, Winter Mixture sweets for his throat, soup, and any other fluids I can persuade him to have. He’s not well enough to even have a duvet on the sofa. Poor lad.
 A few last minute makings happened before we got confirmation at the drs. Every girl no matter how young should have a pair of red shoes. A little pair for my new niece.
 I had a bash at twirley quilting on the ivy looking fabric, and straight quilting on the red fabric.
 A scrap of left over red made an internal pocket.
 I popped it all together and turned Rosalie Quinlan’s “Stitching Fairies” into a front pocket for this big bag with over the body straps. It will be big enough for daughter to take her New Year planner back in.
 This was a quick “whizz up” for Daughter this morning. It has a base made by sewing the corner triangles.

 I didn’t have enough turquoise left after making the nail care roll, so this one had the pink colourway. It will be useful to keep things like hair brushes and bobbles in, and any other little bits and bobs when travelling.

 I’ve been meaning to tell you about Gorjuss for a while. The lower right is my new 2012 diary “Pathway of Love”.  All the family are fans of Abby from NCIS and these stocking fillers reminded me of her.
This is the last make a tiny tiny pouch for earrings which will go in the shell pot. Yes Anne Marie- these are the green amber earrings I bought with you in Camden. 🙂 Making a little pouch can dress a gift up so well. You can have a flap over or just tie with a festive ribbon.
So I will end here wishing you all a Merry and Peaceful Christmas sent with lots of love.

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