Making Christmas

 I’ve been humming that tune “Making Christmas” from the film Nightmare Before Christmas.
 I hope I don’t make anything as ghastly as the Halloween folk did in the film.
 Jumper hat and scarf set all finished in Marble chunky yarn.
 Another mouse has arrived in it’s new home. It is from a 2009 design by Joy Patch- a freebie on her blog.
 It’s a real sweetie. Glad you liked it Darlene.
 It’s been so busy here elfing that sometimes lunch has just been a pot noodle. I think they are why greyhounds have long noses. Must eat more healthily. I’m trying out a Graze box a week for nibbles I would overlook in a health food shop.
 So I bet you are wondering what else has been coming out of the Elf Room. 
A quick and simple nail care roll. 

1. Line up your equiptment on your ruler, space them a bit and jot down how much space each will need.
2. Draw the lines at those points on a doubled bit of fabric.
3. Top stitch the fold.
4. Make the main part from an inner outer and wadding. Just layer the 3. Quilt if you like.
5. Place your divider piece on top of the inner matching raw edges. Now sew the dividing lines.
6. Make a flap for the top 6/8″ narrower than the main part. Sew 3 edges RST and turn RSO. Top stitch.
7. Pin flap to the top of the main part.
8. Attach 2 ribbons to one side.

9. Sew a 2 1/2″ binding around all edges thus catching in all the raw edges. Pic above shows inner.

 And this one the outer. I used one of my fav designers Laurel Burch.
 All rolled up ready for a trip. You can use the same technique for make up etc.
 Another quick idea is 100g of Eskimo wool. You can use 4-5mm needles with 20 ish stitches and make a scarf like the above. Very useful if you have a green dress and want to go to a party dressed as a Christmas Tree. LOL
 Another tick on the list was getting the background pieced for the huge (90″x80″) Thimbleberry Quilt.
 This is what is on the cutting table now- Stitching Fairies by Rosalie Quinlan with a couple of deep red fabrics.
 I took this with me on the train when meeting Anne Marie.
 These are another WIP- son has long legs like a grasshopper! They are taking ages in a fine 4 ply yarn called Zigzag. I allowed 100g per sock and have some left overs.
The design came from a vintage pattern which I made longer between the calf shapings as son is taller; nearly 6ft, than they have allowed for.

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