TinyTown 2,The Great Greyhound Walk Crosby GRWE

 Just a quick bit added. Here is Tiny Town’s 2nd block.
 Anne Marie has organised a group for anyone making it.
 I’m using heat and bond and hand blanket stitch but others are needleturning. The choice is yours.
 We went on the Great Greyhound Walk in Crosby today. I wasn’t sure if I would have time to tell you. See the little whippet lad in the red vest- “Cougan.” He needs a home, so I walked him for the charity GRWE who homed Bungle with us.
 He is even smaller than Precious and a lovely friendly lad only 12m old originally from Ireland.
 We joined people walking on the beach.
 After meeting up by the car park.
 This is what 61 greyhounds or part greyhounds (lurchers) sighthounds look like lined up. Look left.
 Look right. It was pure bliss to be walking with so many serene hounds. If you are thinking of a dog do consider a rescue greyhound. If you read Bungle’s funny blog you know why.
Some available greyhounds can be found here so you can get an idea of their different personalities and looks.
Cougan didn’t know what to make of one of Gormley’s Iron Men -part of the work called “Another Place.”
I’ll catch up with you all next week and show you different sand.

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