Portsmouth 2 and makings

 Sorry I still haven’t had a chance to catch up with my blog reading this week. I will catch up with you all after I get back -promise. Lovely husband has organised a special birthday treat for me. Will tell you more when I return. Above is a ferry on it’s way to France. It was HUGE! Just look at the tower blocks in the background.

 “HMS Warrior” 1860 the world’s 1st iron hulled armoured battleship.

 Huge anchors from ships long gone.

 One of the small docks for the little boats.

 So many buildings of Portsmouth have a military history.

 Now this is what I was wanting to see “HMS Victory” 1760s. I was last here when I was about 11/12 ish when staying with a Great Aunt Nan in Fishbourne a village not too far away.

 I am still struck by how complicated the rigging is and how young lads were expected to be able to climb up the right one to set the sails correctly.

 It’s like one huge macrame puzzle to my landlubber’s eyes.

 I think it is a ship even Captain Jack Sparrow wouldn’t mind borrowing. 🙂

 The glass in the captain’s area had to be hand cut to size as the windows are diagonally shaped. What amazing workmanship without the tools we can use today. In the background you can see the construction of the building which will house the Mary Rose 1510 which was raised from the sea bed where she sank in 1545.

 Aha! A diagram explaining the ropes. Years ago rope making was a huge industry for boats like this. Up here in the NW there are alleyway places on old maps marked “rope walk. ” This is where the thin strands of rope were twisted together to form huge continuous lengths with no weaknesses.

 HMS Victory is in a dry dock being restored. Under the cladding sort of wood are the huge oak beams. Just imagine how many ancient trees had to be cut to make just this one ship.

 Cannons thankfully bunged for legal reasons and one of the huge anchors.

 The figurehead used to look like this,

 But it is missing being used as a model for a new one. I hope the original will be put on display.
Below is a last look at Warrior on the way back. You can see the warrior figurehead quite well when enlarged.

 These are the memorial cushions to Angel now at Rainbow Bridge. “Don’t cry because it’s over”

 “Smile because it happened” it’s a saying from Dr Seuss and so apt.

 It’s my own design and hand appliqued.

I’ve made so much more but can’t share yet. Will do when I come back and the birthday girls have opened their presents. I will then also catch up with everyone.

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