We were here to visit Portsmouth Business School on their open day with our daughter back on the 15th February. Sorry I am very behind showing photos at the moment. I will try to do another post tomorrow to catch up.
 Daughter had been before so it was who needed to see the town and where she might study in September.
 As you can see it was a very overcast day with drizzle.
 The buildings are a mix of old and very new.
 Details of the Opera House/
 I loved the ironwork undercovered area.
 The White Swan pub was next door.
 I was more interested in hurrying to the seafront and seeing naval history.
 The Georgian bricks are much narrower than the ones we see today.
 See how the new is right against the old even here?
 Click to read.
 A preserved figurehead from a boat probably no longer existing. I wonder what sights it saw?
 The area was dominated by Spinaker Tower. You can go right to the top. We didn’t though as the views wouldn’t be the best in this weather.
 This unusual boat caught my eye.
 Click to read all about it.

A reminder of naval battleships.

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