Valentine’s Mishap

 This is my Valentine present. A copy of the very first Rupert Bear Annual of 1959. Love Rupert!
 It’s a lot more romantic than the year I got a few loads of horse poo as a Valentine’s present. It is even better than the gravel Anniversary present.

 So we were all romantic with cream scones and shortbread from me,
 And chocolates (bowl by Annie Coe)
 Wine and flowers from him. He said he had to buy the wine when he saw the name Crow Landing.
 There was a slight mishap when lovingly we gazed into one anothers eyes:
“To us!” He toasted.
“Up yours!” I joyously replied  
and immediately was mortified when brain rejoined my mouth. Lovely Husband fell about laughing.
I swear in my head the words had been “Bottoms Up!” but somehow the fluff had got in and I’d wandered into that cobweb attic room in my head and left my mouth to it’s own devices with clear instructions.
 I’ve been making all sorts of secrets I can’t share yet but this is a little thing I can share. It is the left over block from Lynette Anderson’s Crazy Christmas which I gave at Christmas. This one will make its way to the same couple G and H.
Little hearts on the back.

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