Winter Wonderland

Shhh! Everyone is asleep. But I was so excited by the snow which fell after our walk with the angels. It was a special memory for Son to have on his last day of term.

But here we are, later that night just looking at the Winter wonderland.
A good time for hot chocolate.
In the above pic you can see the snowman’s head bottom centre.

Here is Lurch the snowman- all 6ft something of him the following morning and yes it is because he lurches.

Traditional carrot and coal face.

A cold throne for an ice queen.

Sunday Hubby and I walked into town.

These pics are of the view as you turn left.

Snow is still on the ground.

The skies are such a clear blue.

Lord Street (main one) looking North.

Looking South.

Christchurch edged in snow.

Icicles way up high.

A German sausage stall -ideal in the cold weather.

I don’t think Queen Victoria is amused by the snow in her face. 🙂

Snow on a carousel! Surely not?

Marine Bridge

View of the pier from the bridge.

The lake is iced over.

Snowballs wont even break it. Love the patterns!

Marine Lake looking North.

Marine Lake looking South.
We go on to the pier to see the beach.

View North

View South.

It was so surreal to see a beach covered in white snow. The sea is at the very end of the pier.

We turn back towards town.
And over the old bridge you saw in a previous picture.

Geese flew overhead.

Trying to find a place to bathe.

Old light.

Firethorn berries so there is some food out there for the birds but they could always do with more in this sort of weather. Help them if you can.

All the birds were beign polite keeping this hole in the ice open for one another.

It’s so hard to imagine this place in the 1920s when a masked gondola ball was held here. The boats were moored at these steps.

Just a short walk away from the hotel. Doesn’t it look like a fairy tale castle?
So what are your Christmas dreams?
I would like some fresh snow last thing on Christmas Eve so when I wake on Christmas morning it is a whole new wonderland of magic out there again.
I think it would make Christmas so memorable for a lot of children too.

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