Angels in the dark

Precious and Fluff looking like bookends. Sorry I am posting without having visited you all. It’s been busy. Take yesterday for instance:
This little chap went off yesterday to my daughter’s yr 7 girl who she is mentoring at school.
She made the body before and I hurriedly faced and dressed him before school as he had to go that morning.
I made a couple of elf workshop cushion covers. The pieces were sewn just waiting on the central stitchery to be finished.
They were taken from the centre block of the quilt on the wall by Gail Pan, “Busy Little Christmas Elves”. The table topper matches.
Next I went shopping in the morning for all those last little Christmas bits. I bought 2 of these kits as the children finished school at lunch time.
Daughter’s hands got messy with icing that afternoon.
Son’s t shirt went straight in the wash.
Daughter’s house front and back.

Son’s house front and back. I think a fair amount of scoffing went on.
In the best Christmas tradition of course.

It snowed a little at dusk.

Son and I went for a walk before dinner just in case it all melted.
It made lovely effects on the roofs.

I had to stand very still and take these without a flash.

White snow on the ground.
Then we went into the gravyard where there were no lights. This is how it looked.
The chapel could be an illustration from Hansel and Gretel.
You can see just how light the snow was.
I didn’t want to miss it though like last time when I was snowed under (excuse the pun) with work.
Using a flash I aimed and hoped for the best not being able to see very much.
Angels shone in the dark.
Monuments to ships wrecks came out of the gloom.
We started to walk. It was amost a dream like atmosphere where the lights and noise of people trying to get home from work, faded away.
I lightened this so you could see what my eyes could see. It was almost like a different world with fantastical shapes just out of your vision.
Angels looked down on us.
Serene faces illuminated for a second.
A cross shone.

All I could see was this silhouette until the flash went.
Our hands started to get cold.
It felt like more snow was in the air.
So we turned back, illuminating more angels.
Almost as if they were guiding our safe journey.
May you all have safe journeys this season.
And your guardian angels have their wings spread about you.

We had a foot of snow before midnight. It looks so beautiful but cold outside. Son built a snowman bigger than himself. Will share another time.

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