Christmas Knitting WiPs

Sorry I’ve been frantically busy this week and am only just catching up with you all.
I’ve gone all seasonal! I love Christmas- a time to show people how much you care about them.
The tree is up -artificial after the reaction I had to a real one. I do miss that pine smell.
Our old Christmas Tree Fairy- the naughty Gabriella the Gin Fairy has a new place- in the chandelier. It seemed appropriate for her antics of falling down when you least expect her to. Thank goodness we have the Sober Fairy on the top of the tree. 🙂

A little elf table runner to go with the quilt I made before.
Writing a list and gathering presents.
Cooking Christmas pudding and decorating. I used the left overs to make it.
Back with a striped binding and prairie points.
A little bit of white knitting in the softest yarn imaginable.
It was like knitting with snowflakes.
These are a wip.
and this is nearly blanket stitched. Yes I really am this far behind with my makings.
What about this for a touch of Summer?
I needle turned this based on the original drawing by EH Shepherd in “Wind in the Willows” one of my fav books. Then I framed it as a gift for Daughter for Christmas. She adores the book too.

I think making a fabric pic from an illustration is a great gift idea. I may do more once I’ve built this cloning machine. 😉

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