Flowers Bath Post Makings

Hello welcome back. I didn’t mean to be away for so long- it’s been so busy here.
These and the vase were a surprise thank you for the baby playmat.
Aren’t they beautiful!
In my spare spare time this week I’ve been in here. Look at how the cork floor needs replacing and the awful gold taps we inherited when we bought the house.
It was time for a change. I finally found the bath I wanted at a price I was willing to pay a week ago so the old bath came out. The cork tile floor came up and also the hardboard floor which was underneath it.

We were very surprised to see gaping holes to the outside just stuffed with loft insulation and no tiles behind the old bath position. The former owners had paid a professional firm to install this bathroom. No wonder it was always cold in there.
Fragments of old wallpaper still clung to the wall in places.
In the corner the space under the floorboards was full of the old plaster that had been taken off the walls so they could put board up to tile onto-easier as it is flatter than the Victorian wall. I suppose it was easier for them to sweep it there than to gather it up and take it away. On windy days though bits would come down into the room below. Now I know the cause.

I emptied the rubble out, filled the holes, plastered and replaced some of the boards.
Floor filled and primed, skirting on, some pipes laid, edges of the room caulked and sealed.
I couldn’t find exact tiles to match the existing ones but these beige ones were the closest. Tiles on and grouted, skirting and pipes primed and undercoated, floor undercoated and glossed in 3 coats.
New bath in position. One pipe will be altered as it is too noticable. It is only the toilet overflow so nothing major.

White Toblerone and rose bubble bath at the ready. After all that hard work I had a long wallow.

I had to take a pic of this- my baby boy’s feet are huge compared to mine! Doesn’t time fly.

Now for some thank yous. Thank you Ulla for Dick’s socks mittens and scarf and for Dot’s green beret. They are wearing them at the moment. Thank you also for the buttons, lace, face cream, mints and postcards.
And a special thank you for the elf advent calender. I love it!I will enjoy opening it with you.
Now a thank you to Simone for Timothy Elf. I think he ought to live in the strawberry teapot I have yet to make. Isn’t he cute! Love elves!
This gorgeous Delph tea towel also came from her. Thank you Simone it suits my blue and white crockery so well.
This was a quick aran knit for me- a Noro yarn pattern for a tunic. I had made it before in orange without sleeves.

Smocking detail to front.

Now this was a quickie for Daughter’s friend who had her 18th birthday. Daughter was pinning one part as I was sewing another part. We were just about on time so I could give it to her in person as we dropped Daughter off for a meal to celebrate with her group of friends. She did like it.
2 pockets on the inside big enough for the girl’s phone and ipod.
Some of my fav colour combinations went into it. I was told she loved turquoises and pinks so I had a rummage in my fabrics. I think the dragonflies worked well with the batiks giving it a beachy Summery feel to remind her of where she used to live in Gran Canaria.

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