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Lovely Husband did a “hard re-set” on my Olympus camera following instructions he found on the net so all is right again with the world. I think he felt his camera was in peril in my hands. Budgie meet crow.
Precious “Oh Lord help us she has a camera again!”
“I am not me I am an inscrutible Chinese dog.”
Angel “Oh Precious it’s quite easy you know
You just look at the pet human and put all your love for them in your eyes, then they leave you alone to sleep again.”
Talking of love a wonderful parcel came from Deb of the Angel and the Pukeko.
Folders, highlighters, pencils, fridge magnet, lavender candle, New Zealand t towel and a wonderful assortment of patterns. Thank you Deb. A parcel is on its way to you.
This lovely package came from Simone from Simone De Klerk’s Quilting and Stitchery Diary. It was to make an Autumn table runner which I will share with you next time. She also enclosed a lilac print fabric which she said reminded her of me with a figure on it looking at the ground for interesting things. Thank you Simone. A parcel is on its way to you.
While thinking of interesting things, I had my camera in hand early one morning when I heard that unmistakable noise. I rushed out- yes the pink footed geese are back in their huge V formations. They over-winter on Martin Mere. Follow link for daily updates of what has been sighted. There can be thousands of them filling the sky some days. These are just the early ones.
It’s also the mushroom season.
At last after waiting over a year I found the handbag I had wanted being sold 2nd hand.
There was no way I could buy this brand new so “as new” was fine.
With a dotty lining I am just grateful that someone thought it was “So last year darling” and sold it. It replaces a tiny black one on it’s last legs from the 1980s. I now have 2 leather grown up handbags. Cor at this rate I’ll be a real adult soon!
But not just yet. I knitted these for Ulla of Kotkarankki. She very very kindly made me Dick and Dorothea Callum dolls (from the Swallows and Amazon series of books). These hats match the description of the hats the Amazon crew wore- Nancy and Peggy Blackett. Just a little encouragement there for her to have her own crew just for her.
So what have I been doing all week instead of putting up blog posts? Cutting 1 1/2″ squares from scraps left over from the roses.
And mainly this in the evenings. 2 lengths of nearly 2 metres of applique.
I did finish this and the next one for the Crazy Christmas BOM by Lynette Anderson. Why didn’t I photograph the other one? Slack!
We went here at the weekend. The place that seems to drive fear into mortal man- Ikea! It’s been 2 years I think since our last visit.
I bought smelly candles that go with the curtains.
A 2 metre long table called Amon and 2 matching white chairs called Snille. Yes this is where I am now typing from. There is now space so Daughter can work beside me.
I had to try Elk meat based lasagne. Love it but unfortunately it had celery in it so I had an allergic reaction which wasn’t so good. After Ulla sending reindeer soup which was wonderful I was keen to try these sort of meats. They do sell frozen reindeer meat but had run out. Typical!
Did I mention buying smelly candles?
Ooo and now the days are drawing in, and there is a nip in the air, we needed some lamps for the living room so it feels cosy and I can still sew. Hot chocolate, a quilt, some sewing and a DVD of Box of Delights on TV = perfect evening. Someone has put the first episode of the DVD on you tube. Get a mug of hot choc and relax. It makes an ideal Christmas present too.

I’ll leave you with the moon from this week- I just had to take a pic. It’s wonderful having my own camera back again. It’s lovely also to have Autumn back.

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