Autumn and a painting for sale.

I’ve been so homesick for the Windrush Valley seeing the last of the Summer there as the leaves begin to yellow by the river. The start of a new term and the frosted dew on the grass first thing in the morning. I miss the crack of iced over puddles as they give underneath my wellington boot. I wish I was walking to Lew Barrow right now with the breeze in my hair and the whisper of hedgerow trees. I can almost taste the blackberries.

The Autumn sun in a clear blue sky lights up the leaves turning them into jewels- emeralds, peridots, amber tiger’s eye rubies and garnets here and there. The purple beech becomes an amethyst tree.
The real treasure though is in the spikey globes on the horse chestnut trees. In just a few weeks the conkers will be hunted by truffle-pig children rooting out the biggest and best among the leaves.
I’ve missed Autumn -the time of gathering in the apples pears, and plums. Of jam making and wood fires.
It’s a time to retreat into yourself briefly before beginning on making things for Christmas- when you express the love you’ve felt for others in the past year.
It’s a time of bonfires, disgarding the old and sorting through favourite old cardigans and wearing wool socks.
It’s a time for drinking hot chocolate and reading books by firelight.
You are fleeting Autumn but welcome back.
Here are the Autumn quilts on the living room walls- taken down from the craft room walls. Gardener’s Journal in Fabulous Fall fabrics. You said you wanted to see it Miche’le. 🙂
Autumn quilt designed by Button Angel.
The Tissue Angel -tissue box cover on top of the crow and pumpkin quilt.

Now you want to see what’s going on in the craft room don’t you?
The cushions need to be changed for the season so these are freshly ironed on the floor waiting to be made.
This is the new replacement Morphy Richards iron- pink! Even the water jug for it is pink!
I found this pine bookcase in a charity shop this week when out buying bits for Son’s 15th birthday party. It is Dot and Dick’s new home Ulla. Paintings by Rima Staines. I now have somewhere where it is easy to see my yardage/old sheets/ corderoy/wool at a glance. Is it only me who looks at fabric and then gets ideas? Well hopefully I will get all inspired now I can see them without digging in a trunk.
It’s arrival led to a bit of a shuffle round up there. The bed side drawers are now double stacked.
But I think the room is looking fairly tidy on this side now. I’m not showing you the other side- it is far messier than Deb’s sewing room which survived the New Zealand earthquake. Yep it’s official I am a messy blighter.
Remember those little triangles? These were made with the offcuts of the Thimbleberry Village Green quilt for the ladies in the class with me. They aren’t big enough for the project bag I hope to make for them each but we’ve 5 months to go.

And finally I am being daring now.
The painting is finally finished. If you would like to buy it, it is £40 including P+P worldwide. Size wise it is 8″ (20cm) square with a depth of 1.5″ (4cm).

In the run up to Christmas I am hoping to put a few things up for sale here on my blog. Yes a big step for a crafter to put a price on what they make. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

Now I’m nervous about pressing the publish button!

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