Part 3 Roses and Nursery

Next post is a craft post I promise. Should have something to show by then. 🙂

Now where were we? Ah yes! Salmesbury Hall. Round the ornate door is the back of the hall part.
And this little trianglar rose garden.
Oh just look!
Can you imagine the smells!
I think Heaven must have a rose garden.
Shapes like waterlilies, peonies even frilly knickers!
Just look at the purple roses. They were my favs by far.
I was reluctant to leave but there were more grounds to see.
Like the vegetable garden which produces things for the restaurant.
How fresh it that! I kept thinking of Mr McGregor’s garden in the Peter Rabbit books.
There was also a wild flower maze. I walked it and a vole scurried across my path. If this had been left to be just a normal lawn, he’d not have had the habitat.
A shot for you Annie- pygmy goat.
Chickens sheep and goats.
Mandarin ducks in the shade.
Photo by daughter- the hen’s plumage was so detailed.
Archway to further garden areas.
I followed a sign to a plant nursery. Philadelphus, cistus and alum.
So many wonderful things to choose from but alas no purple roses. 🙁
I cheered myself up looking at things like this Calceolaria- what a red!
Pink galore!
This one had to come home with me! Love the colour combination.
Acers! What beautiful colours in nature and what a myriad of textures.
Popies lilies and roses in oranges and lemons.
The clematis made a beautiful shade.
Campanula, clematis and delphiniums.
But this one came home with me for the bare rock garden area. Lovely purples.

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