Part 2

In the car park was this vintage car. Had to take a pic.
But we weren’t here to look at cars but Salmesbury Hall. Loads of info including the history in the link.
A long gallery linked wings of the hall upstairs and formed the 4th side of the courtyard.
Lets walk under and look around.
A fountain and partierre herb garden in the centre. Thinking dresden plate piecework.
Lets go inside this wing where the Hall shop is.
Elves! Love love elves!
Joanne Eddon’s silk scarves. My favourite one was the one on the left.
Tooled leather bags.
Copper and brass display which led to:
a couple of rooms of antiques. So many lovelies! Daughter wanted the rocking horse.
Now round to the front of the hall.
You can see how bits were added and more added to them over time.
Another pretty rose.
Gorgeous detailing on beams and glass.
My favourite was the green man engraving.
Huge chandalier, and fireplace period details throughout even in the toilets!
We creep round the back though to a deserted triangle of land.
Walking round this ornate door and…..

next time!

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