Vets, Pressie, Christmas Story 5/5

Oh just look at the woeful face on her! She is just back from the vet in the pic and played for the sympathy vote all night. Woe was us! She is quieter this morning. Back to vet on Monday.

As some of you know I’ve been battling my body for a while and trying to avoid it. Sadly the effects of the initial acupuncture this week wore off, but the more I have, the longer lasting the effects will be. I am so hopeful I had 2.5 days of being me again! (I caught up with housework. Why???!) The ultrasound for the trapped nerve has improved things a lot too. I am looking forward to being more like myself again. 🙂 It has been too long.
Do you remember my birthday back in March when we got tickets for a concert which was then cancelled? I thought of a different treat for me. Well it finally arrived a French 3 tier cast iron stand. Love love it!
5th Block of Christmas Story
Looks like this when joined with the other 4 blocks.
A tab border
Bound in green with a Spring-green fleece backing.

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