Wallowing in the Warmth

Horsechestnut tree leaves are creeping out to meet the sun.
Black Rhino dozing just enjoying the afternoon.
“Does my bottom look big in this?” asks the Ostrich.
“I have a wonderful profile” poses the Bush Dog.
“and a gorgeous trot.”
This was Son and my favourite critter. Couldn’t you just snuzzle that face?
Visayan Warty Pig with piglet. I love the stripes on all boar sort of piglets. We were in a forest once when a litter just came out in front of us. They were so curious about us but we kept in a group and waited until Mama had joined them and ushered them away from us. She was an utter lady about it. The children were thrilled for days about their encounter with wild boar.
The Capybara were enjoying the sun too.
Of course I have to share some of the native wildlife. Loved the wing shape on this jackdaw
Their pale blue eyes are so distinctive from the other members of the crow family.
I heard such lovely birdsong that day. There is a robin in this tree who sang so beautifully.
Another was on the ground ruffling all his feathers out so he looked bigger. I think it is the season where they are defining their territories.
Forsythia against the blue sky. Such a lovely colour combination, but I am waiting eagerly for the cherry blossom against the sky. I love the way it falls like confetti when you walk under an avenue of them.
I thought of a black and white strip quilt when I saw this zebra.
Scimitar Horned Oryx looks like he is smiling.
Sitatunga about to sit down.
Brow antlered deer male above and female below.

The Western Grey Kangaroo were happy to just lay around basking in the warmth.
This Meercat was looking for food
While another pack member kept a lookout on a tall rock.
I hadn’t seen a mongoose before. Like Meercats I was expecting it to be bigger.
Lastly I leave you with a couple of Galapagos Tortoises

Only one post left of this Chester Zoo tour- “wings”. Then these long posts will be over… for a while.

Still Spring cleaning here. The children went back to school today. Loads to do and not just the washing machine. Hope you are having gorgeous Spring weather too.

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