BOW 7 Delight, Whooper Swans

This is 7/9 of Gail Pan’s Christmas Wish free BOM. Simone, Lynn Karen and I are making this -encouraging one another.
This is the last post of Martin Mere.
Black and white
Playing with my camera taking photos in that way made me realise just how distant the past can sometimes feel due to the lack of colour. When we look at old photographs it’s hard to imagine what the scene would’ve truely looked like if you had been there at thetime.
Isn’t colour wonderful and the fact that we can all share the colour of one another’s days and crafts so well?
After the bad weather of last night we have trees without their leaves in places.
A sign of the coming Winter.
So I am appreciating the beauty of these colours while I can.
And the textures.
I promised to share a bit about Whooper Swans.
They are bigger than the mute swans we usually have.
They have distinct beaks. Click to read the above.

This wild whooper swan wasn’t on the mere with the others.
He had come a long way to get here so maybe he wanted a little quiet time.
He wasn’t alone:
These geese were dancing with one another nearby.
Hawaiian Goose (Nene)
When we came last time they were almost eating out of your hand.
It’s getting dark now so the birds are preparing for bed. A bed time drink.
One stretch and a little flash of purple for me.
Even the raspberry ripple textured flamingos were tired waiting as they threaded one by one through the water into the flamingo house to sleep.

Before I go I would like to share a site I came across when trying to find a DVD of “Come Back Lucy” (“Komm zuruck Lucy” dubbed into German -an entire episode is shown on You Tube in pieces) which was on TV in 1978. This site has lots of memory lane info of children’s programmes no longer shown on TV.
I had a meander.
It was wonderful. 🙂

If anyone knows a place where I can buy a DVD of “Come Back Lucy” do holler. So far I am thinking that one hasn’t been made yet but there may be a specialist place I don’t know about.

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