Colours of Autumn, Hope BOW 4

This is Hope the 4th Block of the week from Gail Pan‘s free Christmas Wish design. Simone, Lynn, Karen and I are encouraging one another to do this.

I have a little hope that UK magazines will follow the example of Brigette a German magazine. They are stopping using “professional models” and will use real women from now on. Hurray! We all know how a dress designed for a size zero wont look good on a normal person and so resent the images (this link shows a dress on both figures and how a real person looks better in something else). I am hoping this will lead to a trend of designers designing for real women. Anyone watch that episode of Project Runway where the designers had to design for non model figures and many didn’t know where to start? I was appalled and thought it maybe explained why I haven’t been excited by clothing in a while. I’ll pop off my soap box now and finish with a silly link– now who (hands up now) would wear those shoes?
This is my Gardener’s Journal -well it was until Angel decided to demonstrate the principal of “If you lay it, greyhounds will come.” LOL
This is the block I finished this month. Just one more block to make before I can put the borders on.
You’ve probably wondered where I’ve been this week. Well a couple of the days were spent helping son build St Helens volcano -a working model with labels.
Bottle, plastic bowl, card, papier mache, and left over emulsion paint. Love the mogul field for the lava to flow down mimicing the North face of the real volcano.
Southport is hosting the European Firework Championships this weekend.
These are pics from last night.

I’m going down to the Marine Lake tonight to see them closer up. So pretty and one of the smells of Autumn. The traditional night for fireworks parties is the 5th November when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in London in 1605.
Today was the 1st time since I got back that Angel has been well enough to go for a walk. Her back leg with one metal plate still in got very swollen while I was away. The vet has given her meds but it’s taken a while for her to recover -she is an old lady these day.

So come and see the more natural colours of Autumn
Hawthorn berries
A conker from a horse chestnut tree stil in it’s spiked pod.
Peridot greens and amber oranges.
Horse chestnut leaves changing.
Pretty leaves with the sunlight shining through.
Another spiked ball.
Beech nuts inside- edible. My Grandmother said they tried to make a flour from these during the war but really it was a good way of occupying children picking them rather than being a good flour.
Do you think the makers of stickle bricks got the idea from these?
The character of the garlic woods is definately Autumnal now.
The stream is fuller with orange leaves on the ground.
The girls have their fleece and cotton coats on. In really bad weather they have waterproofs.
My Angel girl is happy to be out after a week of house rest.
I think we picked a good day.
Black spot on Sycamore
So many colours on brambles.
I loved the dappled sunlight with the willow tree.

Next time I will share some of the places we visited in the Lake District– Skelwith Bridge, Hawkshead, Grassmere and Ambleside. Ooo the shops were gorgeous!

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