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I have a new game for you. Instead of “I went to the shops and I bought” and each person in a circle adds an item for everyone to remember, I have a new version: “I went to a car boot sale and I bought….”
A box of tomatoes a couple of savoy cabbages (my fav) and a couple of cauliflowers.

Cauliflower cheese with a tomato topping.
A tray of eggs
Corn on the cob. (The pears are windfalls from the tree I planted in the garden.)
And a kayak. Oh yes A real boat! I bet you weren’t expecting that. I wasn’t either, although we have thought about having one to take up to the Lakes for a couple of years.

I’d love your suggestions about a name. 🙂 There might be a prize involved,
“Stepping Stones: Useful and Ornamental
Where grass paths must carry a fair amount of traffic it is a happy notion to let stone slabs into the turf to prevent undue wear and tear.”
In the spirit of stepping stones here’s a little step along the year- Autumn decorations down from the top cupboard.
Pumpkins, crows, leaves and bats
Turkey, witches and ghosts
Pumpkins and leaves.
Now I will come clean about what my family think is an addiction.
I blame it on this poor battered case which spent part of it’s life as a stable for Sindy and Barbie horses. The loops made a great tack room. 🙂 I found it in my Nana’s house.
In the grown up world it began life as a picnic hamper
in Seattle made by a company called Bergman est 1927. I wonder how old it is?
Anyway that one led me to buy this little one as we had been using a huge one more suited for a big party than a family of 4. You saw the bag for the cutlery which I finally got around to making.
Then I spotted this at a car boot sale with china plates and cups so it is heavier to carry.
And then this one built as part of a cool box complete with plastic wine glasses.

Now how many picnic hampers should a family have? Can I get away with saying I will pack the children off to uni with one each when it’s time? I know though that should I spot another one in a sturdy hamper, there’s still the possibility of it coming home with me. They are so cute and I love the way everything has a place.
These totally impractical shoes reminded me of picnics -my fav meal of any day- complete with gingham and cherries. 🙂
Cheryl Goss of Willowberry Designs has come up with this delicious bug pattern which I will have to put onto a picnic linen set for one of the hampers. Check out her site for details about all sorts of giveaways by Australian designers calling themselves “Among the Gum Trees” they have a collective blog site in that link. Check it out.
Carrying on with the Autumn theme again. Here is the latest block of Anni Downs “Gardener’s Journal” in Moda’s Fabulous Fall range of fabrics.
On the ironing board Gail Pan’s “A Christmas Wish“free BOM. Simone, Lynn and I are going to try this as a block of the week in order to get ourselves started.
Other doings are secret but these are on the table- Cheryl Goss’s Verandah View free BOM needing borders and Sue Spargo’s Folklore needing the next round.

That’s all for now. Have a lovely week.

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