Be a Bee- Botanic Garden

“The Bird Bath
By the encouragement of the numbers of feathered visitors, bird baths, ornamental in themselves add interest to the garden.”
This is the last of my uploaded “gadding around” photos. I was missing my camera so Lovely Husband let me have a play with his even though he was worried that I would break it.
We took the hounds to Churchtown’s Botanic Garden for a walk. Now lets pretend we are bees and get close to all these flowers via LH’s macro lens.

This Spring’s baby Mallard Duck is growing into his adult feathers.
He is one of many.
I do believe this duck is smiling!
A 2nd brood of the year for this mother? Such baby soft feathers.
Autumn is in the air though. I hope those babies grow fast to survive the Winter.

Gull mid-flight
Shall we go back and be bees again?

I love the sunlight shining through the leaves at this time of year. Early Autumn is my fav time of the whole year.
I think it’s the colours
and the way things have a last fling at life
before they die down for Winter.
And naked trees shiver until the snow clothes them and they feel as if the Snow Queen herself has wrapped them in her fur cloak.
But no for now I share this day part Summer, part Autumn where there is a bite in the early morning air and clear blue skies.
Where whole mountains are covered in purple heather.
And this superb Golden Pheasant is protected unlike it’s more common game bird kin from the “Glorious 12th” when shooting starts.
I can look around for colour ideas.
For tonals with texture.

Where each petal could be applique.
And my fav shade of purple is prolific.
The bees still hum.
And nature is so beautiful.
But the plants are preparing too
and I should be preparing. Did you know there are only 102 sleeps until Christmas? I should be looking through books for present ideas instead of life through a camera lens. LOL I am doing something about it though. Simone and I are going to start A Christmas Wish BOM today and do a block a week.

I have got the Autumn decorations down. I like to do it while the weather is beautiful so I don’t miss Summer and all her colour. The front garden is mulched in wood chips under the fir trees that I had a reaction to, so there wont be a need for me to go near them to weed for some time. 🙂

Next time I will share my shameful secret addiction. I think it is time I faced this one head on. 🙂

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