Makings, Grassington Yorkshire Dales

It was son’s 14th birthday back on the 4th of September. He just wanted a low key family celebration this year.
The final cushion wrap- Winter. I have enjoyed learning to needle felt on this project of 4 seasons.
Block 8 of Verandah Views by Willowberry Designs. That is the last stitchery. I now need to think about adding the borders and filler squares.

My main sewing this week has been top secret birthday present making. Shhhh!

So far all electrical things are behaving today. 🙂
“The Walled Garden Modern Style
Builders of walls are almost all amateur gardeners of today, for the miniature wall in stone or brick must find some place in the layout.”
Lets head east into the Yorkshire Dales.
Oooo an old red telephone box! These were everywhere when I was little with very stiff heavy door you had to really wrestle with. These days you barely see any public phones as most people have mobile phones. (Well apart from me as they disintegrate in my tender care.)
Lovely old cottages just outside Grassington village.
The window of “The Hedgerow” has white wire shelves and best of all a red dotty doormat!
In Grassington itself are some very pretty shops. Look at the carving propped against the wall. The garden was lovely too.
I thought of you Ulla when I saw the mushrooms.
And you Suzie when I saw the moose. 🙂
And my children when… no better not say that. LOL
This building used to have a coach arch like the one to the right but it has been filled in with only a window remaining. You can still see the capping stones. Click to enlarge any photo.
A hodge-podge of windows in these old cottages.
A hotel hidden down a little lane.
“The Rustic Rabbit” was recommended.
Ooooo let’s go inside.
A table of dottyness downstairs. Love it! Daughter loved it more and her birthday is in October, so she had to be sent out of the shop early.
The rest of the downstairs had lovelies in too.
The village reminded me of Haworth where the Bronte’s wrote, which isn’t too far from here.
The same style of stone which breaks very evenly so is good for building with.
What a fun egg cup!
The local craft shop had a display in the window made by some very talented people.
I love this set of shelves outside this shop.
Now let me tell you about this art gallery. There is a plaque on the corner there which says “This shop is the original SMIDY owned by the notorious Tom Lee in the year 1766. “Tom who?” thought I. But I have found out the whole murderous tale. Click here to read it for yourselves as it is a long one.
And it looked like such a nice place. 🙂
But we have more to see. Want to go inside the hills?
Welcome to Stump Cross Caverns. We go down and down wearing hard hats like builders.
It becomes clear why these are needed. Every now and then the peace of the cave walk is punctuated by a hollow knock and a “ugh” of breath from someone in another part of the cave system.
There is a quiet beauty to the limestone rock formations.
I’m afraid though that irreverendly I saw faces of the muppets in this wall. 🙂
Many formations were named. This one was the Cradle.
It was definately a beautiful place to visit.
In the gift shop the rose quartz angels caught my eye.
But I came home with a carved tealight holder. Love the orange glow it made.

Next time a bit more of Yorkshire.

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