New Quay and the black cloud of doom

“The Bird Bath
By the encouragement of numbers of feathered visitors, bird baths, ornamental in themselves, add interest to the garden.”

I’ve just had Mozilla disappear on me but luckily this was autosaved as a draft, so apologies I’ll post what I have (no crafts) before the “black cloud of doom” strikes again and google refuses to recognise me. It took 7 attempts to log back in just now and that was with the computer remembering my password so I’ve not got a clue what is happening.

Welcome to New Quay. We have a little bird theme in this post.
We camped in tents. I felt right at home being woken one morning by a crow just outside the tent going through our bin bag for scraps. I grabbed my camera quick and got this shot through the plastic tent window. Click to enlarge.
Rose growing in a hedgerow.
I saw birds bombing a bird of prey but I wasn’t expecting this chap -an escaped Peregrine Falcon still wearing his jessies!
Unusual porch made from driftwood.
Most of the houses look like this in Newquay.
Beautiful Edwardian lead glass enclosed porch.
These house colours reminded me of ice cream.
A chair from an old cart wheel overlooking the sea.
Anyone for a holiday breakfast?
The biggest ice creams you ever did see in every flavour imaginable. The banana toffee was gorgeous although unusual for breakfast. LOL
The £1 shop is where the children loved to go when we lived nearby. It sells all sorts of things from tools, to cups, t shirts, toiletries, sweets, wholefoods as well as more seaside things.
We though are going down here to my fav beach.
Here it is from another angle with the harbour wall on the right.
If we pop back up and go along here I’ll show you the beach the other side of the harbour wall.
The tide is out at the moment. It was the regatta so there are a lot of boats moored.
Look right and you can see the curve of the bay, walkable at low tide.
Mosaic men in a shelter above the beach.
Tiles and crockery mande this fellow. Click to enlarge.
We’ll walk along the harbour wall past the sailing club building.
Lobster pots
To the end of the harbour wall and look at the village.
This was once a fishing village. There are gravestones to many sailors who lost their lives at sea in the local church up the hill. Men and boys who saw far flung places their mothers and sisters could only dream about. These days it is mainly leisure craft although you can get fresh fish straight off a boat that morning at the fish shop. Mmmm dressed crab!
Let me share my fav beach with you now. This is the rocky area to the far left under the cliffs.
The stones have been eroded by the sea into interesting shapes.
At the very edge the cliffs sink into the sea.
I though like to look in rock pools.
And find things. Can you see the tiny inedible green crab and the water snail?
Shells were stacked against the cliffs so I bought a few home.
Lets look at my fav beach from the rock pools.
2 huge bangs. The seagulls all rise as one alarmed screeching cloud. Someone is in trouble. Has the incoming tide trapped someone? Then the lifeboat is deployed heading towards Cwmtudu.
We though have our own tide to deal with. Son’s huge hole is water filled. We stay to make sure it is filled in well enough so no one will get hurt if they walk the beach at night.
Some things though can be left. 🙂
And some things can come home with us.

The pictures are prints of paintings of New Quay by the painter Dorian Spencer Davis. If you click the link you can see coasters available for sale. My current coffee cup is standing on ” New Quay Moonlight” DD70. It reminds me of the time when we went for a midnight swim here when it really was midnight and even had a moonlight picnic. The sort of memories you want to fill your childrens’ lives with. 🙂
And some beautiful tins for those odds and ends. Anyone here thinking applique beach huts?

Sorry about the lack of crafts in this post. I hope you enjoyed New Quay. Next time (if the black cloud of doom hasn’t killed off this computer) I’ll share the Yorkshire Dales.

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