Finishings, East Side of Lake

“Where the Garden Begins
A paved terrace relieved by tubs of flowering plants, makes an attractive place from which to view the delights beyond.”
Continuing with the floral theme, here is the finished bag from the floor. “Angel in the Garden” original design by Button Angel but I tweaked it a little. 🙂
And made my own back based on other motifs she had made.
The sturdy base helps it keep its shape.
Here the sides are opened out so it will be able to carry a lot.
I had the perfect button in my collection -wooden with a flower burned into it then varnished. It came in a bag of all sorts when I bought my sewing machine 2nd hand. I think it could be from the 1960s or 70s.
The lining is from a cotton curtain I found in a charity shop. I think it suits the bag, as well as being strong. Can you tell I built this bag to last because I don’t fancy needleturning for quite a while? The words “never again” did cross my lips. LOL Well, until the next time. Big tick on my To Do List getting this done.
The Summer cushion wrap is finished. The leaves and flower centres are needlefelted (1st time trying this technique) and the rest appliqued.
Coniston Village from the East side of the Lake.
With so much rain the brooks were running fast.
Along this side of the lake is Brantwood home of art critic and friend of the Pre Raphaelites, John Ruskin.
At last I get to see this house close up. View from driveway.
View over the hedge from the road.
The front side which looks over the lake. The small tower like window is where Ruskin liked to sit.
This is his view.
At the end of the driveway are these buildings. The one on the right is an art gallery.
This one is private.
Now we’ll go further down the lake to a jetty. The next few photos are the view all the way round from the right to the left from the end of the jetty. Enjoy.
We were in these woods before.

Here’s a clue where we’re going next- Peel Island also known as “Wild Cat Island” from the books by Arthur Ransome. Worth a read if you haven’t already tried them.
The weak sun reflecting on the lake.
I hope you are enjoying all these trips in the Lakes. There is so much to see and do.

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