What’s new? Progress, West Lancs Light Railway

The plums are doing well in the garden.
My new rose “Blue Rhapsody” is in flower. I love the scent and colour although I prefer the shape of my old roses. She’s not bad for a newbie. 🙂
There’s been a couple of other newbies.
“Pumpkin” well what else with her colouring? 4″ 10cm long
I think she’d like to be in a 1980s rock group with that pouty smile. LOL
This tiny 2″ 5cm one is Keiko (child in Japanese I think). She is the size Rudolph was when we got him.
Rudolph the red nosed koi carp. Now look at him a hefty 8″ 20cms. We had to take him away from Bramble and Slither the goldfish as they started to attack him. It was stressful to watch and then his sides looked bruised.
He is far happier now and relaxed enough to blow me kisses. 🙂
My fav smelling oriental lilies from darling husband… just because. 🙂

The funeral of the last surviving World War I (1914-1918 war) soldier happened today. There is no one left alive in Britain now who experienced the Flanders trenches and said “it’ll be over by Christmas” and thought of war as a jolly game and come home a hero. That generation’s deaths made us all think of war differently.

Please listen to the moving poem by the Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and imagine all those men back how they used to be before the war changed everything for them.
I’ve still a few WiPs -the last side of the linen and cotton bag. A lot of needle turning to go.
I did a bit more of the embroidery on the felt cushion.
And a bit more perle 5 blanket stitch on this block.
I can’t remember if I shared these arriving this month from Messy Karen.
A wonderful wavy wiper and a scrubbie all knitted by her.

I had to giggle at a news article Would you own up? LOL What a thing to ever do though!

“Arches of Beauty”
Arches embowered in flowers are a great asset to new gardens in particular, giving them the height they lack until trees and shrubs have had time to develop.
Welcome to the West Lancashire Light Railway.
It’s a very narrow gauge track but it does have carriages which you can ride in.
Volunteers keep it running.
Water tank with the hose to the left to fill the engines.
This wheel was on a trolly for loading things onto trains. I’ve heard of London, Paris and Brussels but not Glingsby. Not even google could help. Anyone know anything?
One of the narrow trains parked up.
A shed was open- let’s peek.
A train is being serviced or repaired.
This old poster caught my eye. ” The Liverpool Overhead Railway. The 1st and fastest overhead electric railway in the world. “

Sorry I’ve not popped in on everyone. I am having trouble with my internet speed. It’s 5pm here and taken me ages to load these pics. Outside of business hours the connection with Demon is faster so I’ve thankfully been able to at least pop in on those who were kind enough to comment last time. I’ll try to see everyone on my blogroll as soon as I can. Thinking of you all.

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