Sorry-big catch up

Finally daughter’s GCSE exams are over so we celebrated with strawberries of course and non alcoholic wine which went pop with a champagne type of cork. Huge relief that is over. The next stage is finding a place that is actually going to run the A’ levels she wants to sit. The place we preferred has told us of a time table clash and that they wont be doing the double version of one of her subjects. Sooooo we have decided to see if we can sell the house this year and possibly move somewhere that does do what she wants to study. I know it will be tough in this economic climate, but if we don’t try now, it will be another 3 years before we can try again because of son’s exams.
Booties and helmet/hat got finished. Sorry no pic of hat as I handed it over with the jacket before taking a pic.
The 3 giveaway parcels all ready to go.
Parcel 1 to Shiree
Close up of hen tool caddy.
Parcel 2 to Michelle– so glad you liked it.
Her hen tool caddy.
Parcel 3 to Emily -you are welcome hun- glad you liked the biscuits.
Close up of her hen.
These were taken with Lovely Husband’s phone on the walk where Angel hurt her leg, so excuse the quality. She is doing much better now and is still taking antibiotics. Above is the Royal Birkdale Golf Club building. Love the curves!
This gorgeous dragonfly was so much more cooperative than some butterflies I could mention. I so so wished I had taken my camera.
The view from one of the tall dunes looking over the other dunes.
A surprise package arrived from my Pincushion Swap partner Robyn of Daisy Quilts all the way from Australia! Purple!
Lilac ric rak, flower pins, felt and fabric, beautiful chook card, buttons, crochet flowers, buttons she had made herself, thread and the most riotous rainbow coloured pincushion! Wonderful- it has velvet, felt, loads of unusual pins in, flowers and felt hand sewn flowers! Thank you so much Robyn. I do feel a project coming on with the co ordinating things you sent me. I hope my swap partner likes her parcel half as much.
In the garden things are happening. The Korean Fir Tree? had new pink cones.
La Reine Victoria rose is surpassing herself with 15 blooms at the moment. Each one smells gorgeous with a heady deep traditional smell.
Sweet smelling philadelphus
Another rose with a more lemony scent.
The honeysuckle hedge is blooming. It’s as if the last 2 cold wet (flooded in some parts of the UK) Summers have given the plants extra energy to just burst forth in the sunshine we are having at the moment.
Roseraie de L’Hay rose in the front garden is enjoying it too with so many blooms.
Now for the rest of the catch up. Nearly 2 weeks ago now. It was a hot day so we didn’t take the hounds, but went to support the stalls.
Bouncy castle and stalls.
There was a Greyhound Rescue stall and some greyhounds were there to take part in the dog show later.
There was a dog display team there with all breeds. I was pleased to see a Greyhound take part in the obedience part. I told our hounds about that when we got back. They just sighed barely opening their eyes – that would’ve taken effort while they were siesta-ing. LOL Greyhounds!
Later the German Shepherd cleared the course. Lovely breed.
I thought the table was going to break when this Great Dane stood on it at the start of his turn. LOL
Dogs as small as a Jack Russell or this Chow even did the course with the jumps lowered.
We had a visitor on the window of the back door that night- lemon yellow with brown markings.
This was another of our walks- Ainsdale Lake just down the road.
Flag Iris.
Path over the dunes to the sea.
The lake was pretty.
Huge furry caterpillar.
Bee on Cow Parsley
Rose shaped like a heart.
Bee in rose.
Swan necks almost making a heart.
But just look at the darling cygnets- all grey and fluffy.
Another shrub rose- love this colour combination.
Back to the garden for this shot of geraniums.

Now before I do anything else I will pop in and visit everyone who has been so kind visiting me even though I haven’t been able to visit Blogland myself in over a week. I really have missed seeing what you have been doing. Thank you all for leaving comments. So appreciated.

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