Auditions, Makings, High Street

The peony is flowering by the gate and scattering it’s petals on the ground. So pretty- I just wish it smelled as good as it looks. I have taken more pics in the garden but they are for another time. 🙂
Inside auditions are taking place so I have to tiptoe across the craft room floor. It’s a bit like playing Twister. LOL I do need to tidy up in there and pack away the Christmas fabrics now I have finished the Christmas in July swap items. The trouble is I keep adding just a little here and there. Anyone else have that problem? Ooo and the things for the Pincushion Swap are still out. I am a messy blighter.
Verandah Views 6 (June one) is complete, so I am now up to date with that BOM by Cheryl. Big relief as I hadn’t begun it until recently.
A little finishing for a friend last night. Sorry no buttons-it should have 3 rows of 2 across the chest -I seem to have so few in blue. Maybe I knit too much in blue? Anyway this little jacket in a 6-12 month size should have a matching hat and booties by tomorrow.
It looks turquoise in this pic but it is really a traditional powder blue. The baby is going to be a boy for sure I am told.
Now we are back to “that sweet city with her dreaming spires” as Matthew Arnold 1822-1888 (Professor of Poetry at Oxford University) once refered to Oxford. I think this post will explain why. I will try to shut up so you can enjoy the photos of the High Street.
For those who would like to go through the High Street building by building in detail this site is excellent. It will take you building by building through a lot of Oxford.
Natwest Bank
View towards Magdalen Bridge (pronounced Maudlin).
Love the different coloured buildings down this lane.
St Mary’s Passage
This door way in St Mary’s Passage between the High Street and the Radcliffe Camera ought to lead to another world.
Green man carved on the door
and 2 figures of Pan holding his pipes, supporting the porch.
View looking towards Carfax
“The Lord is my Light” The motto of Oxford Uni. It often appears with the Uni crest (3 crowns and an open book) on souvenirs.
View towards Carfax (town). Including Queen’s College
Have a closer look.
This is the Radcliffe Camera. Again history in link.
With All Souls College in the background. So many spires.
Some close ups.
Very top of the Camera.
More of All Souls College.

All Souls College
Magnolia growing outside St Mary the Virgin Church.
Parts date from the C14th. Rear view
View from the High Street. Can you see the metal plant support on the left?
Brasenose College New Buildings are actually only Victorian. I will share close ups of the gargoyles next time.

The Mitre -historic coaching in. Loads more info in link. Inside there is a priest hole for hiding a Catholic priest in during the troubled Tudor times. This link has a little info and map pic on other Oxford pubs.
A sightseeing bus- brilliant way to get a non footsore tour of the outer parts of Oxford.
Floral wellies- did you ever!
Front entrance to the Botanic Garden. You have to pay to go in now during all seasons. I’m sure I used to sit here for free in the Winter.
Of course a trip to Oxford wouldn’t be complete without a little Alice in Wonderland. Chess set in a window.

I hope I have named things correctly. Next time is my last of the Oxford posts- Gargoyles Galore. I was only there a couple of days and it’s taken me so long to share it all. Sorry. It does mean I haven’t shared things like walks and a dog show here. So there is a lot of catching up to do.

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