Prom, Makings, Down the hill

Daughter all ready for the prom
Pearl earrings by Tracy at Pink Purl in side bar.
The shoes
The bag
The hired car shared with her friends. I was expecting a Barbie pink Cadillac for some reason.
The D is upside down on a fin.
Love the white wall tyres!
And off all the girls went. The car was their’s for a while so it prominaded them up and down the seafront just one of many hired for the evening. We picked her up. It was windy. A lot of girls were stood waiting their dresses blowing all around them. It reminded me of butterflies. Daughter was tired but had a wonderful time dancing snacking and having a flood of balloons shower down at the very end.
I’m at this stage now with Gardener’s Journal BOM
This is the latest block.
I’ve been knitting too- this little 3-6month sized set.

A newborn hat
and newborn booties. I can’t show the secret Christmas in July Swap sewings yet, so lets get back to Burford.
The “new” school is up at the top of the hill where the A361 and the A40 cross. Now we will head down the hill and into Burford itself.

Looking left you see these houses- sorry pics from car so some aren’t 100%.

The hill is quite steep. There is a story about the black cloud of Burford hill which is said to make people feel scared if they walk under it. Well all I can say is it never happened in my time. 🙂
Still looking left as you go down the hill- the War Memorial.
The shops are near the bottom of the hill before the bridge over the River Windrush.
Free parking makes this a popular place to just pop in and enjoy.
Butter would be sold under here as it was a cool shady place. Witney a bigger nearby town has a free standing Buttercross near St Mary’s Church.
Huffkins bakery where I bought a heap of Lardy Cakes. I have put the old recipe up on this blog before, so I wont repeat myself.

I love how the stone work tells a tale. I wonder what the big upstairs doorway was for on the gable end of this large house? Was there a wooden staircase up to it once?
Close up of it’s window at the front.
The wisteria was everywhere in Oxfordshire- so beautiful against the stone.
Looking up towards the hill.
Shops on this side of the road.
The toilets were free to use and very clean too which is another plus for visiting Burford in my book.
Down Church Lane off the main road
The old Almshouses for the poor of the parish in Medieval times. Lenthal House, the boarding house for pupils of Burford school is also down here.

Warwick Hall was open for a fete. This was used as a school before the new one was built.
It has a gate to the churchyard from the garden. Church will be in the next post.
Stalls and games.
A few shots round the back streets from the car.

and then back up the hill showing some of the houses on the other side of the road.

I hope you enjoyed Burford. It is a beautiful lovely place.

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