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Winter Crow is back from the framers. Thank you Rima he is beautiful and far safer now framed.
Pumpkin wool felt and cotton hand stitched wall hanging with mainly vintage shell like buttons.
I often only had one or 2 the same so this was the ideal project for them.
It’s been fish pie weather- cold and wet enough to stiffen my joints. Yuk!
This cheered me up- a pink colander with a snowflake sort of pattern for the holes.
The Season Cottages are finished too. My 1st attempt at a full machine quilt project.
Sow, Grow, Reap, Sleep: the cycle of nature.
These shoes are the same colour- a gorgeous red. Hubby was asking why women have so many pairs of shoes compared to men. I explained that we were all looking for the holy grail. We want shoes which look good, make us feel good, are cheap, reflect our personality, and are comfortable. I think I have found my Holy Grail. These are made by a company called Bio Step from Spain and were half price in TK Max. 🙂 Oh happy days!
Something was afoot Angel could sense it.
“Are you sure?” asked Precious trying to look intelligent.

Oh yes the wicked nasty humans dunked the hounds in the bath. Feeling so sorry for themselves they crowded round the fire.
“Poor poor me!”
“I don’t want to talk to you.”
“They got you too” comiserates Angel licking Precious dry.
and then herself.
Bramble the fish can’t see what the problem is.
Even Sliver takes a peak.
Rudolf the red nosed Koi Carp even sneaks a giggle.

Fancy a quick trip to Mere Brow Smithy?
The place isn’t for just horseshoes but a more mythical place where all sorts of objects can be made just like the smithies of history.
Out of fire comes things of water.

Heavy metal musicians? 🙂
Beautifully themed bench.
Some were painted.

A seasonal scarecrow.
Beautiful gothic iron patio set -it would go perfectly with my bench but sadly out of my price range.
Perhaps Galdalf the grey here could magic up a set?
Not quite right but what a magnificent dragonfly!
Inside the studio was a lambing chair based on a C18th traditional Lancashire design.
Colourful cars.
Everywhere you looked there was more to amaze the eye.

Curtain rods and fire set tops.
Fireguards and an art noveau fireplace in a diagonal set chimney.
A rusted iron horse outside the workshop building.

Sorry I haven’t yet caught up with everyone. It’s been like a farce here. You all know about this computer having a flid and needing re-building, well last Friday my beloved Bernina sewing machine refused to even start and then this week the lap top decided to do the same. Well as far as I’m concerned if bad things happen in 3s I’ve had my fair dose now and all should be ok again.

I’ve had so little energy all week, so am all behind with my projects too. Promise to pop in this evening after dinner those I’ve not yet looked in on. I hope you are all having a good November so far.

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