Candles Hesketh Park

There was just the blue and yellow colours left in the candle kit we got from the charity shop a while ago so the children and I made what we could adding what left over wax we already had. The yellow ones have bergamot essential oil added and the blue ones eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is brilliant at getting rid of nettle sting neat so I usually have a bottle around.
The rest of this post is about Hesketh Park. Delphiniums.
The lake after it’s makover thanks to lottery money.

The paths have banks of trees to the sides as they wiggle their way.
Nature’s love heart.
Some blue sky.
There were still some brave roses in flower.

A new rose garden poster explaining which rose is where.

There were some posters also showing how the Rose Garden used to look.

Amber and peridot jewelled leaves.

New map of Hesketh Park
The other end of the lake.
One of the lodges at the sides of the park near an entrance.
Swans left over from a carnival float.
A dahlia back home.

My copy of Sew Hip arrived it is available world wide. It’s the 1st magazine I’ve read which seems to be following what us bloggers are doing sharing ideas world wide. It isn’t just English but has articles on Australian trends and American trends which we are all looking at. The ideas in it are useful not just pretty which appeals to me. Ravenhill did a good post on it with lots of pics.

I’ve been catching up on rest and sleep. There’s still a bit of a backlog of photos. I hope you are all having a good week. I’ll try to catch up with you all soon.

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